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September 2019
Album review

Stef Chura - Midnight

Bolder and more assured.
Label: Saddle Creek
Released: 7th June 2019
Rating: ★★★★
Stef Chura - Midnight
Published: 5:01 pm, June 06, 2019Words: Martyn Young.

There’s a lot to love on Detroit rocker Stef Chura’s second album, ‘Midnight’. Over twelve tracks of fire and fury, Stef explores all her primal desires and defiant exhilaration on an accomplished and developed follow up to her 2017 debut ‘Messes’.

Everything feels a bit bolder and more assured as Stef wraps her irresistible vocals around some heavier and glammier rock sounds that emphasise a thrilling sense of urgency. See for example the power pop rush of tracks like ‘Jumpin’ Jack’ or the propulsive attack of ‘They’ll Never’.

There’s a strong sense of ambition at work as well, best represented by the rousing epic release of ‘Sincerely Yours’. ‘Midnight’ is a record born from community and a strong spirit of collaboration, both from the spirit of the people in her home city of Detroit and trusted collaborators like Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo who helped produce the record. It all results in an impressive collection that marks Stef Chura out as a new rock songwriter of renown.

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