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November 2018
Album review

Fatherson - Sum Of All Your Parts

A solid instalment.
Label: Easy Life Records
Released: 14th September 2018
Rating: ★★★
Fatherson - Sum Of All Your Parts
Published: 2:21 pm, September 11, 2018Words: Steven Loftin.

If there’s one thing Scotland is good at exporting, it’s melodic rock that’s good for the mind, body and soul. Thick, euphoric melodies ring out across the land that Fatherson inhabit on their third outing, ‘Sum of All Your Parts’. 

A solid instalment, they’ve wasted no time in building upward and onward, growing from strength to strength while proving that the sanctity of humanity and its complexities can be perfectly entombed in creatively approached tunings and a sense of yearning.

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