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October 2019

Here's everything new you need to know about the 1975's 'Notes On A Conditional Form'

It's coming in 2020, but we've had a whole load of new info land on our digital doorsteps. Here's the pocket version.
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Published: 11:45 am, July 25, 2019 Photos: Frances Beach.
Here's everything new you need to know about the 1975's 'Notes On A Conditional Form'

When the 1975 deactivated their socials earlier this week, everyone knew they'd be back. Generally, it's 24 hours or so of silence, and then something new. 

But few were expecting what actually went down as the clock ticked over into Thursday (25th July), and the band came sparking back into life with new music, a new countdown, a date for their next album 'Notes On A Conditional Form', and a message more vital than all of that put together. 

We know - it's hard to keep up with the 1975 hype at the best of times, so we've tried to put the important crib notes of last night's mayhem into one place. Dive in!

The 1975's fourth album, 'Notes On A Conditional Form', will be released on 21st February 2020.

Yep. That's next year. Further away than we maybe expected, but also a firm date to aim for. You can do a lot in 210 days, Dear Reader.

To start with, there's a new version of 'The 1975', the band's traditional album opener, and you can stream it now.

As anyone with half a finger on the zeitgeisty pulse knows, every album from the 1975 starts with a song titled 'The 1975'. The previous three albums shared that opening track, but re-imagined it to set the tone for the album which would follow. This is a departure from that tradition. The latest take - which will be track 1 on 'Notes On A Conditional Form' - is the first taster we're getting of the new record, and it's a very special one. That's because...

It features the Really Quite Remarkable Greta Thunberg, who delivers a powerful message on climate change and our need to rebel.

Seriously - it would be so easy to throw side eye at a touring band for pushing this message. To claim it's cynical, or opportunistic. But bollocks to that. That isn't the point, nor, truthfully, what honestly seems to be the 1975's intention here. It's not that Greta Thunberg lacks her own platform - far from it - but by placing her front and centre on the opening salvo of the biggest moment to date for the most buzz-tastic band in the UK, it's gonna reach a whole load of people it otherwise wouldn't. People who engage and are engage-able. People who will take up that call. As she says herself in the track: "there are no grey areas when it comes to survival"

You can read the full lyrics from the track here, and listen below.

All proceeds from the track, recorded in Stockholm in late June, will go to Extinction Rebellion at Thunberg’s request.

Obviously, because it's the 1975, there's then a countdown.

Running on the band's website and leading up to 7:30pm on Thursday, 22nd August, it's labeled as 'The 1975 - People'. As any pop watcher will be able to tell you, 7:30pm on a Thursday is THE prime pre-New Music Friday Hottest Record slot on BBC Radio 1. The band will be 'about' for their headline set at Reading and Leeds the following weekend. Expect to see them pop up with Annie Mac to debut the first single proper from 'Notes...'.

We've already had a hint at what 'People' is.

Matty Healy shared an image earlier this year including what are almost certainly lyrics from the track. See?

From the looks of iTunes, 'People' is track two on 'Notes...'

You can pre-add the album on various streaming services now. That confirms the release date, but also suggests 'People' will take the same slot on the record that 'Give Yourself A Try' did on 'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships'. Expect a banger.

It also perhaps suggests that 'Notes...' may be as long as 22 tracks!

Take this one under advisement, but the iTunes listing for the album goes right up to Track 22. Other track names we've seen hinted at for this record include 'Jesus christ 2005 god bless america', 'The Birthday Party' and 'Gokotta'.

We're pretty sure the band haven't finished work on 'Notes...' yet, so it's unlikely a final track listing may even have been set - this could be a placeholder for a maximum length. 

Or, alternatively, we could be over thinking it. Or both. Probably both. But still - don't expect it to be 9 tracks and done in under half an hour. That's not the 1975.

Give all this a try

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