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September 2019
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It's business time: The 1975 have signed a new three album contract with Dirty Hit

Clause 2.6 says that they owe us a new banger before the summer or else. Probably.
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Published: 10:50 am, February 12, 2019 Photos: Jordan Hughes.
It's business time: The 1975 have signed a new three album contract with Dirty Hit

The 1975 have renewed their deal with label Dirty Hit.

The new three album contract will see the band continue in a home they've pretty much made their own, frequently collaborating with many of their label mates including No Rome, The Japanese House and Pale Waves.

“The 1975 extended their deal with Dirty Hit, The 1975 are with Dirty Hit for a long time,” manager and label boss Jamie Oborne explained to industry magazine Music Week. “They are Dirty Hit, so of course they’d extend. The 1975 had a three-album deal and they’ve extended it for another three albums, which is amazing. Myself and the boys, we were so happy.”

We already know the first of those albums will be this year's second Music For Cars instalment 'Notes On A Conditional Form'.

Obviously, that won't necessarily stop a certain frontman suggesting each album might be their last, but it's the thrill of the chase that keeps us going, right Dear Reader? Right?! STOP THROWING THINGS.

You can read our recent cover interview with The 1975 here, or order a copy below.

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