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October 2020

Track by Track: Vistas - Everything Changes In The End

It's a good 'un.
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Published: 3:12 pm, May 29, 2020Words: Jamie MacMillan.
Track by Track: Vistas - Everything Changes In The End

'Everything Changes In The End', the debut album from Edinburgh trio Vistas has arrived today, and it couldn't be more welcome with its messages of overcoming turmoil, hope and just, y'know, nice things. Dork caught up with frontman Prentice to talk us through the album, track by track.

Everything Changes In The End

It's just about being there for your friends and realising that stuff might not be great at the moment, but hopefully in time will work itself out. Essentially it's the message that we wanted to put throughout the whole record, so that's why it's the opening and title-track.

Teenage Blues

That one's about really reminiscing about your last summers and those last teenage experiences before adulthood, it was written from the point of view of two characters, one of them moving away to uni and one of them staying at home.

15 Years

'15 Years' was the last track written for the album in the sense that it was written during the recording process, because we needed just one more single. I was sat in the live room late at night, and I just came up with that. I was feeling quite fortunate to be in that position, and it's a sort of thank you letter for all of our fans and for everyone who's helped us get from the start point to where I was, sat right in the studio.


That's a sort of love song about when you're younger and head over heels for someone, and you're doing strange, out-of-character things, those slightly cringey things you'll do. Just because you've fallen for a person.


If '15 Years' is the newest track, then 'Summer' is the oldest track. We played it in our setlist way back in 2016, at our first ever big festival, TRNSMT festival in Glasgow. We played it then and for whatever reason, it just gradually fell out of the setlist, and we never got round to recording it. And then when it was in the pile of demos, we just listened to it and then took it into the studio and just completely changed it. It's just a song about the summer, and because I wrote it when I was a teenager, like it has that sort of naive quality to it, I guess. I'm glad it made it on.


That's a song I guess about just having confidence in yourself and not letting all the stuff get in your way. It's not actually from that Charlie Sheen interview where he says he's got tiger blood.

The Love You Give
If you put love and time and effort into something, eventually, the love that you put into it will then come back to you. That was kind of written just at the period where we were maybe gonna get signed or whatever. So that's what that was about, looking and seeing finally all the effort we've put into this actually paying off and coming back to us.


It's essentially about a phone call and letting your friend or your partner know that that they can rely on you anytime really, and that they can give you a call or give you a shout out anytime.

You and Me

That's another love song, just about my girlfriend really and us. When you meet someone, and then everything's just sort of like 'buzzy'. It's just like, oh yeah, no matter what happens, you and me, we'll just take on the world, and it'll be fine.


That's about being on tour. It's such a weird thing being on tour and then coming home after, and then having to adjust to being back in the same location for the whole time because you spend like a month going from a different place every single day and never having a fixed location. And then you come off tour, and I always feel really weird just like being in my house, having the same mug every day.


'Retrospect' is about my mate who was going through relationship stuff. The first verse is about the stuff that she thought was not working, and then the second verse is the stuff that he maybe thought wasn't working. And then the chorus is them talking to each other and trying to remember all of the good things and the happiness in retrospective.


It's just about me and my girlfriend and looking into the future. It's just like real life is starting to catch up with you, and all the things that you've always wanted to do are kind of happening, but you don't know where it's gonna go, and you don't know where it's going to end up. I guess that's why it's a nice way to end the album because it's totally open-ended, it doesn't leave any questions answered.

Vistas' album 'Everything Changes In The End' is out now.

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