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December 2020 / January 2021

Track by Track: Jack Curley - Tomorrow EP

Jack talks us through each of the four songs, track by track.
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Published: 12:04 am, May 01, 2020
Track by Track: Jack Curley - Tomorrow EP

Manchester singer-songwriter Jack Curley today (Friday, 1st May) drops his new EP, 'Tomorrow'. The four-tracker features his Parlophone debut 'Wait For Me', and early tune 'Alice', both of which have racked up literally millions of streams. Millions! The ridic online numbers are a testament to his unfalteringly honest and tender style that resonates in a really vulnerable way. Here, Jack talks us through each of the songs on the release, track by track.

'Down' was a different process to the other tracks; I had written the chorus years ago when I was about 15. I was in the studio last year in Germany, it was 1am and my mate Rene showed up. We started writing in the kitchen around the chorus, and the track came together - it's about breaking up with someone but remaining friends and that not really working, confusing messages.


This is a song about a girl I was dating a while back, but we are on good terms now, and we always talk about the song, and how I sent it to her when I wrote it. It's a song very close to home and means a lot to me as it was also my first release.

Wait For Me

'Wait For Me' is a song about taking chances and not letting people you think you should talk to slip away. I loved writing this song as I think it could hold many meanings for different people, and that's what I love, how I have interpreted the lyrics is so many different ways, I think its quite relatable. Everyone has wanted to go and talk to someone maybe at a bar or a club, and not done it, then instantly regretted it when they leave!


Have you ever wanted to break up with someone but as the time came to do it, you have bottled it? I definitely have, and I wrote a song about it, it's called 'Tomorrow' a song basically stating that I won't tell you today, I'll tell you tomorrow!

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