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December 2020 / January 2021

Track By Track: Circa Waves unveil new material and more with their ‘Sadder, Happier’ EP

“I must have probably been tired when writing all these, they're all a bit fucking narky!”
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Published: 1:00 pm, May 20, 2020Words: Jamie Muir.
Track By Track: Circa Waves unveil new material and more with their ‘Sadder, Happier’ EP

Circa Waves don’t wait about. We thought we made that clear Dear Reader. After returning in quickfire time with fourth album ‘Sad Happy’ earlier in the year (which got them a Top 5 UK Album in the ‘charts’ btw - their highest to date), and closing out our own Homeschool Festival a weekend or so back - they’re BACK WITH MORE.

‘Sadder, Happier’ has arrived through our letterbox at Dork HQ, complete with a stripped-back version of ‘Sad Happy’ and four (that’s right, FOUR) unreleased newbies recorded at frontman Kieran’s home studio The Boxroom.

Ranging from the delicate to the destructive, it’s a cracking look at a band flowing in confidence - with tracks ready to pounce on the live stage (once y’know… *points around the room* this is all done with...).

You can have a read of our latest chat with Kieran before the release of ‘Sad Happy’ here - but we got to grips with everything ‘Sadder, Happier’ with this exclusive track by track run through from the man himself. Check it after the jump!

1. Sad Happy (Acoustic)

It’s good to strip back a song to its bare bones and see how it started. Sad Happy was produced as a deliberately big electronic indie tune but began as a small box room demo.

2. Gun In My Hand

Here is a song almost designed as a set opener. The music mirrors the anxiety in the lyrics and has a long built up to a short sustain much like many overthought moments. I wrote this very much to get it off my chest. I had been writing a lot more light-hearted stuff at the time and I think I was pretty tired the day I wrote and recorded this. It was very cathartic.

3. The Only One Who Let's Me In

A song about the fear of coasting through life and not taking important things in. This actually has one of my favourite lyrics I've done. "we're all the same you and me, just wanna get rich quick so we can buy more shit we saw on tv". I thought it was kinda funny and sad at the same time which is something i quite like trying to do. I seldom succeed .

4. Sugar Side

A gradual build of a song that hopefully envelops you as it drives slowly along. The subject matter of which I'd prefer the listener to make their own mind up. What is the Sugar Side? I doubt you would ever figure it out, but it's a fun lyric no?

5. Anti Social Anxiety

The sister song to the only one who lets me in. More of an honest look at myself. publicly pulling myself apart probably in the most lyrically honest i've been. kind of a perfect song for all the things we are all feeling currently. This collection of songs is actually quite scathing of myself and humans in general. Come to think of it i must have probably been tired when writing all these, they're all a bit fucking narky.

Circa Waves 'Sadder, Happier' EP is out now

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