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August 2020

The Magic Gang are back, with a swing-o-riffic new bop 'Think'

The first taster of their second album, it's time to fasten those dancing shoes.
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Published: 9:27 pm, February 04, 2020
The Magic Gang are back, with a swing-o-riffic new bop 'Think'

Could it be magic? Well, Dearest Reader, we're delighted to tell you that, yes, it could - and indeed is! The Magic Gang are back! Back!! Back!!! And they've brought with them a top-of-the-bops banger that's truly transformational.

'Think', see, is bags - nay, sacks - of fun. Rattling on at a pace, it's packed with horns and swing-o-riffic attitude. As 'Le Gang Magique' prepare to deliver album two, it's safe to say their form is officially more than fine.

As with all Important Indie Pop Moments, we deemed it appropriate to check in with 'the band'. This is what they had to say for themselves. Nepal's national flag sounds interesting, huh?

Hey Gus, how's it going? How's the new decade treating you?

Hiya, it's been busy so far! Nice to be back on the horse though.

It sounds like you guys have a super busy year ahead, what can you tell us about your new album? Can you share any details?

The new record should be with you in the next few months, it's a navigation of life as a 20 something at the turn of the decade. It took us nearly two years to get to releasing it, and we're all really happy with how it turned out.

What's the creation timeline been like, has it been a long time in the works?

We started writing it winter 2018 right up until last June. Think Kristian was still writing lyrics on the plane over to the studio. It's always funny cramming nearly a years worth of writing into just under four weeks of recording.

Was putting it together a very different process from doing your debut? It must've been weird starting from scratch.

Totally, you get years to write your debut and the second album you'll get 12 months if you're lucky. It was nice having those time restrictions though, we had the chance to properly sit down and analyse what we had wanted to improve on our first record.

Did you have a mission statement going into it?
Just to write better lyrics mainly... We felt like melodically we've always been strong, but I think as we've matured, we started appreciating more lyrical based artists like Jonathon Richmond or Lou Reed and wanted to marry up those strong melodies with a new and improved lyrical ability.

Is there anything about the new record you think will surprise long-time fans?

Maybe some of the flavours we've drawn for. We've managed to include references to a wide range of influences on this record.

Have you put much thought into the artwork/aesthetic around the new release yet?

Yeah for sure, more than last time around. We've been lucky enough to work with Matt De Jong on artwork this time around, he's a real ideas man.

What's your new single 'Think' about?

It's a reminder to oneself to check yourself. Don't antagonise, keep yourself out of trouble. It's a conflict with conflict.

Will you be debuting any more new material on the Blossoms tour?

Maybe! We'll definitely be playing 'Think', but if you're lucky, we might drop another one in there.

Is there anything else we should know?

Nepal's national flag is the only to boast more than four sides.

The Magic Gang's new single 'Think' is out now.

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