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December 2020 / January 2021

Sundara Karma: "New music coming before the summer"

Something to look forward to, eh?
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Published: 12:55 pm, April 12, 2020
Sundara Karma: "New music coming before the summer"

Occasionally, when we send bands questions, their replies are full of emoji. Gotta brighten up those boring emails somehow, eh? [shrug emoji] [palm tree emoji] [hat emoji]. Back before all this virus stuff 'kicked off', Oscar Pollock gave us one such an update on all things Sunny D, ahead of their upcoming set at Kendal Calling. Are these still the plans? No idea, m8 - but they were back in the comparatively chill days of February.

Oscar! Hello, it's been ages. How's it going?

Hey, it's going well thanks. [tulip emoji]

What are you guys up to at the mo? You supported Bombay Bicycle Club recently, right? How did that go?

Pretttyyy good, [heart emoji] Bombay. I've been writing a lot, and the music has been coming super easy but my god the lyrics are taking foreverrrrrr. I've literally been sitting with some songs for a year and still can't find a single suitable word.

How have you found the year since you released 'Ulfilas' Alphabet'? Has it all gone as you'd hoped?

Would you like the truthful answer or the interview answer? I'll give you the interview answer; it's been AMAZING, more than I could've imagined actually.

And now you're playing a bunch of festivals, are you going to crack out any new material do you think?

Yes, new music coming before the summer and then some very special announcements in the autumn. The music we're about drop is some of our best stuff yet we're stoked! [mushroom emoji, crescent moon emoji, butterfly emoji]

What's your favourite thing about festival season? Do you enjoy all the travelling? Has it been a steep learning curve over the past few years?

The grass always tends to be greener. When we were in a heavy touring cycle, I was a bit reluctant to stray from my daily routines, but since we've been staying low, I can't wait to be playing again. Can't really remember if it's a steep learning curve, maybe it's more gradual, I'm not sure...

Is there anyone you're keen to see at Kendal Calling this year?

Primal Scream and Dizzee Rascal!!! [crossed swords emoji]

Are there any acts you'd really like to see step up to festival headline spots in 2021?

I think we'd put on a really good show, but if not us then I'd like to see Tyler the Creator, Grimes, Perfume Genius, Weyes Blood... So many new and contemporary artists deserve it. I wish festivals would take more risks with their line-ups instead of giving their slots away to boring has-beens.

Taken from the April issue of Dork. Kendal Calling will take place from 30th July - 2nd August at Lowther Deer Park, Lake District. Hopefully.

April 2020
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