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June 2020

Getting to know... The Mysterines

Lia Metcalfe introduces her band.
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Published: 2:46 pm, February 19, 2020
Getting to know... The Mysterines

Merseyside newcomers The Mysterines are about to head out on their first-ever headline tour. The pretty-much-sold-out run kicks off this evening (Wednesday, 19th February) with a buzzy night at the Bodega Social Club in Nottingham, and they're proper looking forward to it - as band-leader Lia Metcalfe explained when we hit her up this morning. Because there's nothing like getting up early to answer some nosy questions, right?

Hi Lia, how's it going? What are you up to today?

I'm very well, thank you. It's early morning, and we've just packed the van for the first date of our headline tour in Nottingham, Bodega - it's sold out so should be great.

What first drew you to making music?

I was always surrounded by music as a kid. Both my parents were pretty young when I came into the picture, so their love for going to gigs/festivals and listening to music was a prominent thing in their lives and therefore mine. I never really decided 'this is what I'm going to do' with music, it's just something I've always done and everything else just fell into place.

Can you remember your first-ever favourite song?

I remember really loving The Beatles, 'Ob La Di Ob La Da' as a kid and I loved 'Girl' from Rubber Soul as well, I used to sing them all the time and also my dad's music. Although when I was 7, I did go through a very odd phase of singing biblical hymns and actually filmed myself once singing 'Give Me Oil In My Lamp' but accidentally taped over my dad's tour videos - I don't think his label were very happy, haha.

And what artists do you find exciting now?

I think Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard are great, I've worked with Tom recently, and we've played a few gigs together - he's a great writer and producer. I love Inhaler too. I've watched them a few times now with the lads in the band. The Blinders and Calva Louise are also both making great music.

How did the band form, you've recently had a line-up change haven't you?
I met George (bass) when we were both about 13, and we just started practising in the front room of my house with all my very, very early songs. None of them were any good at all, so I'm not sure what made him stick with me haha. The line up in the band has always been mainly George and me, but yes, recently we've brought in Callum (guitar) and Paul (drums) - the more the merrier, as they say.

What's been the highlight of your time with The Mysterines so far?

I think for me personally it's probably selling out our headline tour - I really didn't expect that, and it's good to see people actually like the music I'm writing, strong indication that we must be doing something right.

Are you looking forward to your new tour? Is there anywhere you're especially keen to play?

We're all really excited for the tour; it's definitely gonna be the best tour we've done. I'm especially looking forward to the London show at The Dome - we initially had booked The Lexington, and that was the first date to sell out, so we upgraded the venue to The Dome - we were all buzzing when that happened.

What about festivals, you've loads coming up, right?

Yes, I can't wait for festival season. Neighbourhood Festival will be brilliant, can't wait to watch Sam Fender especially.

Are you guys well-behaved on tour, or do you get up to shenanigans?

We're four teenagers/best mates in a band together, you do the maths.

Have you ever accidentally left someone in a service station?

No, actually we left them on purpose ;).

What else have you got coming up, is there new music in the pipeline?

We've got so much stuff to look forward to this year, definitely more new music - really excited for people to hear the new stuff.

The Mysterines are on tour in the UK right now. They'll also play Neighbourhood Weekender, 100 Above and more this summer.

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