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September 2019

The Amazons - The Amazons

There’s fun to be had when stepping through The Amazons’ wide-eyed doors.
The Amazons - The Amazons
Published: 10:55 am, May 23, 2017
There’s fun to be had when stepping through The Amazons’ wide-eyed doors.

Label: Fiction
Released: 26th May 2017
Rating: ★★★

Ambition is a wonderful thing. All too often, you see bands get a bit scared of going for it, of giving everything and being unabashed in their dreaming. That definitely isn’t the case with The Amazons, whose intentions of singalong masses and unbridled euphoria have been written across every move and riff they’ve laid out - and now with their self-titled debut album, they have the soundtrack for it all. Big, bold and bursting with ground-shaking moments, it’s a debut that doesn’t just introduce itself but affirms how unstoppable The Amazons' rise is about to become.

Ripping through every moment with a feverish hunger, The Amazons' full stride of heavy-hitting punches ring with the likes of ‘Stay With Me’, ‘Burn My Eyes’ and ‘In My Mind’ - primed for those moments in the summer with packed crowds bellowing along. It’s the sound of a band itching to get out of the gates, whose onslaught of heavy flicks and skyscraper hooks make them a force to be reckoned with. ‘Junk Food Forever’ is a strident set-closing tour de force that’ll trigger bodies on shoulders devotion in a matter of moments, ‘Little Something’ remains a masterful breeze of Queens Of The Stone Age swagger and gritty reality whilst ‘Black Magic’ injects a touch of hip-shaking charm for an in-your-face platter of festival hits in waiting.

At its core, as shown when stripped-raw on piano-lead closer ‘Palace’, ‘The Amazons’ is a debut statement from a band who have their eyes set squarely on collective moments of euphoria. Sing it loud, sing it proud - there’s fun to be had when stepping through The Amazons’ wide-eyed doors. Jamie Muir

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