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September 2019

Public Access TV - Street Safari

It’s a record that froths at the mouth to entice you onto its dancefloor.
Public Access TV - Street Safari
Published: 11:24 am, February 20, 2018
It’s a record that froths at the mouth to entice you onto its dancefloor.

Label: Cinematic
Released: 23rd February 2018
Rating: ★★★★

Public Access TV sound like they’re born from a different time. One where the stereo-warmth of earworm guitar licks reigned supreme. Where creativity in guitar music was waiting to be discovered each and every month, and the nightclubs and discotheques were soundtracked by the latest and greatest it had to offer. It’s in that world where ‘Street Safari’ is born, following on from debut album ‘Never Enough’ by widening their eyes even further and daring to be braver than ever before.

It’s a record that froths at the mouth to entice you onto its dancefloor, oozing swagger and strutting into place for the long haul. Sheer ambition is everywhere, from ‘Told You Too Much’ and its calypso-crooned charm, to the Another One Bites The Dust-styled infectious lift of single ‘Metrotech’, to the dreaming Ramones chant-along ‘Rough Boy’ and beyond. ‘Your God And Mine’ and ‘Lost In The Game’ have more in common with ABBA than any guitar band around at the moment, a playback to 80s radio glory where Tom Petty and Rick Springfield would shake hips and pour parties across everything. It’s freedom, it’s carefree thrills and about - even for just one night - being more.

Public Access TV have returned bursting with even more confidence, and on ‘Street Safari’ they have a vision. Sharp-suited, cracking a glorious smile and with Saturday Night Fever playing over and over in their minds - Public Access TV are a dazzling reminder that letting your hair down at the disco is always something we should make time for. Born from a different time, but just as important now. Jamie Muir

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