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August 2018

Circa Waves - Different Creatures

Packed with landmark moments for an important year.
Circa Waves - Different Creatures
Published: 6:50 pm, March 09, 2017
Packed with landmark moments for an important year.

'Album' of 'the Week'

Label: Virgin EMI
Released: 10th March 2017
Rating: ★★★★

With ‘Young Chasers’, Circa Waves introduced themselves into the world with a winking eye and a sun-dazzled glow that captured the summer in a bottle and passed it round for all to savour. Unafraid of what they would get compared to or how close to the line people would think they were playing it, ‘Young Chasers’ was a free record in every sense, and the perfect summer soundtrack. Yet the summer cedes into winter, the light into the dark and from ‘Young Chasers’ comes ‘Different Creatures’ - a bold and meaty record of garage-rock spinners that unravels the sunshine to show Circa Waves’ teeth, and boy are they hungry.

Sizzling from the get-go, ‘Different Creatures’ is a record that shows the full spectrum of who Circa Waves are - rippling with a Queens Of The Stone Age intensity on the scorching ‘Goodbye’ and lead single ‘Wake Up’ yet flourishing with a distinct blossom when dipping into The Verve’s territory with the pulling strings and burning swell of ‘Out On My Own’. More than anything, the album is an invitation and plateau of the bows and arrows Circa Waves may have hidden from view when knocking on the door back in 2015, a new found confidence that means when they do let rip with indie gazes - like they do on ‘Crying Shame’ and ‘Without You’ - it comes with a bigger punch than ever before, with a reinforced standing of a band in their prime. Through diversions into throbbing bass-streams (‘A Night On The Broken Tiles’), slick modern Strokes-swoons (‘Different Creatures’) and stripped raw odes (‘Love’s Run Out’) - it’s a record that shows the plumage of a creature many underestimated.

‘Different Creatures’ is a record that’s bold in its vision, free in its adventure and ambitious in its destination. It comes from a space of not giving a shit, of wanting to be bigger and instead of creating a sound to fit the stages they’re playing - flips the story to create the band that’ll make their own. Because of it, ‘Different Creatures’ is packed with landmark moments for an important year. Jamie Muir

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