Spring King beat the storms to bring a shine to Reading 2016

Throw a match, watch it burn.

You couldn’t make it up. As Spring King take the stage, the heavens open, sending the masses sprinting for the safety of their tent. They don’t just have a slice of luck on their side, they’ve brought their trademark Mancunian weather with them to lend a hand too.

It’s not that they especially need it, though. The four piece are the proverbial festival pocket rocket; packed with explosives and aiming high. ‘Detroit’ rattles the sockets, ‘City’ could dislocate limbs. Still, a bit of help never hurt anyone.

If any band perfectly encapsulates the sweet spot of Reading, it’s Spring King. Too loud to be twee indie, too fun to be serious rock, they’re able to play to all comers. With a closing triple threat of ‘The Summer’, ‘Who Are You?’ and ‘Rectifier’ they’ve the fuel to light fires too. Throw a match and no stormy weather will stop them burning bright.