Rat Boy keeps Reading 2016 jumping

Year of The Rat

Try to pin Rat Boy down, and you’ll probably find it easier to nail jelly to the wall. In the space of eighteen months or so he’s skipped all over the place musically, like a hyperactive child let loose in Santa’s workshop. He’s got a thread running through his output, but it’s made of elastic.

Elastic and sheer, untempered energy. The kind which sends the front rows jumping for ‘Move’ and moving for ‘Get Over It’. There’s no doubt Rat Boy speaks to the less cynical, less jaded crowd. It’s doubtful if he even cares about anyone beyond. If he does, he probably shouldn’t.

“Do you know this one?” he offers, before ‘Left 4 Dead’ to a chorus of screams. There’s no doubt Jordan Cardy has the bangers to make a real breakthrough. Now, as he announces from the stage his album ‘Scum’ is coming next February, it’s just a case of making those sparks take light.