The Magic Gang come to the boil at Reading 2016

They have sing-a-longs!

Sing-a-longs. The Magic Gang have sing-a-longs now. If any festival moment shows a band moving from promising upstarts to genuine threats, this could well be it.

It’s not that ‘Jasmine’, ‘No Fun’ or’Alright’ are new additions to the roster. Far from it. More that, at a festival like Reading, more than one band’s calling card moments have fallen flat. The Magic Gang’s are all landing right on the nose.

Then again, The Magic Gang aren’t like many other bands on this year’s bill. Sure, they’re not ploughing some far away, cutting edge field of their own. What they are is a callback to something else. Something more innocent, dabbling in riding a melody. Part homespun early Weezer, part British indie troupe, it’s a potent blend they’ve been brewing for an age. 

Where some bands need to rush the hype to get that full length out, The Magic Gang have bided their time. Perfecting their sound, finding they’re groove, they’re finally sounding ready. Those sing-a-longs will be everywhere soon.