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December 2019 / January 2020

Metronomy are going to release a tenth-anniversary edition of ‘Nights Out’

It'll include loads of extra tracks.
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Published: 12:20 pm, November 23, 2018Words: Sam Taylor.
Metronomy are going to release a tenth-anniversary edition of ‘Nights Out’

Metronomy have announced a tenth-anniversary edition of their album, ‘Nights Out’.

The new release will arrive on 8th February, along with a set of unreleased demos, rarities and b-sides - including a bedtime dub version of ‘Holiday’, and a French-language version of ‘Heartbreaker.

Joseph Mount says of the album: “Oscar reminded me the other day how I said to him on completing Radio Ladio ‘I think I’ve just written my first number 1’. I hadn’t. We also reminisced about the day we borrowed the Honda Insight for the album artwork: I found the owner on an enthusiasts chat room, we gave his daughter two Kate Nash tickets and a meet and greet with Kate in exchange for a few shots with the vehicle… simpler times. Shout out to Myspace.”

Original album

Side A
1. ‘Nights Out’
2. ‘The End Of You Too’
3. ‘Radio Ladio’
4. ‘My Heart Rate Rapid’
5. ‘Heartbreaker’
6. ‘On The Motorway’

Side B
7. ‘Side 2’
8. ‘Holiday’
9. ‘A Thing For Me’
10. ‘Back On The Motorway’
11. ‘On Dancefloors’
12. ‘Nights Outro’

New ‘10th Anniversary Edition’ disc

Side A
1. ‘Our Raid’ (‘Holiday’ B-side)
2. ‘Let’s Have A Party’ (‘Holiday’ 12” B-side)
3. ‘The Chase’ (Rough Trade bonus disc)
4. ‘Holiday’ (Bedtime dub) (‘Holiday’ 12” B-side)
5. ‘Please Me’ (Bonus iTunes album track)
6. ‘Over’ (Rough Trade bonus disc)

Side B
7. ‘Matthias Gathering’ (‘My Heart Rate Rapid’ 12” B-side)
8. ‘Heartbreaker’ (French version)
9. ‘A Thing For Me’ (Breakbot remix) (‘A Thing For Me’ 12” remix)
10. ‘Intro Thing’ (demo)
11. ‘Young Americans’ (demo)
12. ‘Output’ (demo)
13. ‘Das Booty’ (demo)

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