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September 2019

Jai Paul is back, with two brand new tracks 'Do You Love Her Now' and 'He'.

The buzzmaster general's collection of tracks first leaked in 2013 are also now streaming online.
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Published: 2:18 pm, June 02, 2019
Jai Paul is back, with two brand new tracks 'Do You Love Her Now' and 'He'.

Jai Paul - actual Jai Paul - is back, with brand new music, his first in seven years.

Rolling back to days gone by with a Saturday night / Sunday morning drop that stopped the internet dead, Jai - who last 'officially' released music back in 2012 with the hugely influential 'jasmine (demo)' - has returned with a 'double b-side' single - 'Do You Love Her Now' / 'He'.

Announcing the new material on Twitter, after an introductory "Hi" , he wrote: “I’ve been working on some music and a website recently so I’d like to share that with you ( Have a look on desktop if u can, I think it works a bit better on there. I hope u like it, cheers, Jai.”

There's also a new website with a choose-your-own-adventure 'thingy', and made his leaked 2013 not-really-an-album available to stream or download in a pay-what-you-fancy format.

Now the stuff of legend, the collection of tracks that appeared on Bandcamp includes the likes of 'Str8 Outta Mumbai', 'BTSU' and "cover" of Jennifer Paige's 'Crush'. You can stream it, and the two new tracks, below.

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