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December 2020 / January 2021

HMLTD's debut album 'West of Eden' is coming next February

They've a new tour, too.
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Published: 5:03 pm, October 29, 2019
HMLTD's debut album 'West of Eden' is coming next February

HMLTD's debut album 'West of Eden' is coming early next year.

The full-length will arrive on 7th February via their new home, Lucky Number, preceded by latest single 'The West Is Dead'.

Of the track, frontman Henry Spychalski explains: “This is not dystopia, but a mirror up to late capitalism; where we are and where we’re headed. Sick dolphins lap at the tide, the insects have all dropped from the skies and the global economy enters free fall. Ecological catastrophe guaranteed. The West is dead. Atomised, alienated and apathetic”

The record's full track listing reads:

1. The West Is Dead
3. The Ballad of Calamity James
4. To The Door
5. Satan, Luella & I
6. Mikey's Song
7. Why?
8. 149 (feat. Tallulah Eden)
9. Joanna
10. Where's Joanna?
11. Death Drive
12. Nobody Stays In Love
13. MMXX A.D.
14. Blank Slate
15. War Is Looming

The band have also booked in a headline tour for February, which will see them visit:

13 Liverpool, UK @ Arts Club
14 Glasgow, UK @ Nice N Sleazy
15 Edinburgh, UK @ Opium
16 Birmingham, UK @ Sunflower Lounge
18 Dublin, IE @ The Sound House
19 Manchester, UK @ YES
20 London, UK @ Secret Venue
21 Bristol, UK @ The Exchange
24 Paris, France @ Badaboum
25 Brussels, Belgium @ Botanique
27 Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Paradiso
28 Berlin, Germany @ Urban Spree
29 Hamburg, Germany @ Slot

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