Ducks Unlimited have shared the first track from their debut EP

Debut EP ‘Bull Nakano Cassette’ drops later this month.

Toronto-based Ducks Unlimited have dropped their new track ‘It’s Easy’.

The first song from their debut EP ‘Bull Nakano Cassette’ – recorded with Josh Korody (Weaves, Dilly Dally, Fucked Up) and Shehzaad Jiwani (Greys), and due 27th October – it’s a surprisingly upbeat guitar pop number about being a bit hapless in the face of trying to help a struggling friend.

“‘It’s Easy’ was one of the first songs we worked on where we figured out how our collaborative writing process worked,” says Tom Mcgreevy. “We’d been playing together for a bit and the way I approached starting songs gradually adapted to sort of anticipate what where I thought the guys would take it, so I started bringing them half-finished ideas and then they would fill in the gaps. It was super freeing and I think really helped us to figure out what we wanted to be as a band.

“The song is about having a friend who is struggling and doing a woefully inadequate job of being there for them. I feel like there’s often some distance between caring about someone and knowing how, or making the effort to give them what they need when they’re in a bad place, so the song is sort of a catalog of the frustrations and exculpatory self-rationalizations that are part of that experience. I suppose it’s (grimly) ironic that in both writing a song about someone else’s suffering and writing a quote about that song I’ve managed to more or less make it all about me, which I guess is sort of the issue. Even when you’re trying, sometimes it’s hard to get past your own bullshit to focus on someone else’s.”

Listen to ‘It’s Easy’ below.

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