Bradford band GRDNS debut their new track ‘Juniper’

Keep an eye out for the band’s upcoming EP.

GRDNS have a new EP coming up later this year via Dance To The Radio, and today they’ve debuted another track from it; ‘Juniper’ is a rich indie-pop number with vintage tones coursing through its veins.

The tune follows the engrossing psychedelia of debut ‘Night Dance’, and precedes a set at Live At Leeds this May – which you can win a pair of tickets to here, if you’re lucky.

“‘Juniper’ takes influence from both the modern and vintage surf sounds with a prog/alt section at the end but doesn’t particularly sound like either,” explains frontman Jacob Lyons. “It was the first song we got together as a full band and the lyrics frequently reference the colour blue and a few of its colour palette relatives. The meaning of the song is open to interpretation, like all the rest will be”.

Listen to ‘Juniper’ below.

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