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December 2020 / January 2021

You Me At Six: "We will have some music out this summer"

A chat with frontman Josh that's probably out of date now that no one can leave the house.
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Published: 1:07 pm, April 12, 2020
You Me At Six: "We will have some music out this summer"

Haven’t You Me At Six only just done an album? Time sure does fly. The fivesome are currently - as per a few weeks ago, not now, in the middle of The End Of The World - hard at work on a record we can only assume will be called ‘VII’, to be released at 7pm on 7th July. But don’t take our word for it (and not just because we made all that up) - here’s frontman Josh.

Hey Josh, what've you guys been up to lately? You've just released a single in aid of Australian bushfire victims, right? That must've been rewarding.

Been busy in the studio. Yes, we did! Well, our main incentive was to do what we could for the voiceless, which is why we chose Wires as the charity. We have an opportunity with our music to do some good, so it really was a no brainer for us.

Are environmental issues something you feel strongly about? Are you working on any other green initiatives?

I think anyone and everyone should feel strongly about the environment. On a personal level, I'm doing what I can to reduce my carbon footprint. On a basic level, I'm vegan and have been for the past five years. So I feel we all can do more. At this present moment, we as a band are exploring ways in making our merch and physical musical releases more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

It feels like a lot of bands are trying to decrease their environmental impact at the moment, are there any acts you think are doing a particularly good job?

As I said, anyone and everyone, regardless if involved in music or not, can do more by simply not doing anything at all. I've been impressed by The 1975's endeavours.

Have you written many new tracks since your last album? Are you planning to debut any new material at festivals this summer?
We will have some music out this summer, that's something I believe will be ready. However, the album isn't ready yet. When it is, we'll launch it. We want to get it right!

You guys must be pretty good at travelling for festivals and stuff now, do you feel like you're pros? What tips have you picked up along the way?

Oh I mean you never know what you're gonna come across on the circuit. But festivals can be problematic. Using the bathroom is always an issue! I always pack for any weather because you never know if it's rain or sunshine!

Do you ever go to festivals you're not playing? Are you fans?

Always fans of music. I haven't been to one in a while purely to check out the line-up, but I usually end up riding with friends for a weekend or going to shows in London like APE or Community Festival as they are local to me. Saw Bring Me The Horizon last summer do great things at APE and always enjoy being around that.

Is there anyone you're especially looking forward to seeing at Kendal Calling this year?

Foals will be great, and I'm interested in checking out The Kooks too as I saw them recently and thought they were good.

What else have you lot got coming up?

A bunch of festivals, but mainly finishing off this new album!!!

Taken from the April issue of Dork. Kendal Calling will take place from 30th July - 2nd August at Lowther Deer Park, Lake District. Hopefully.

April 2020
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