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April 2020

Waxahatchee: Anger + frustration

Waxahatchee's new album sees Katie Crutchfield document the end of a relationship, and all the uncertainty that comes with it.
Published: 8:58 am, July 21, 2017
Waxahatchee: Anger + frustration
Hey Katie, how’s it going? Is life treating you well?
Life is good. I’m in the Poconos rehearsing the new songs with my band.

That sounds fun. So your new album, ‘Out in the Storm’ - what did you set out wanting it to be about, and did that evolve much during the writing process?
I think I always wanted the record to be about the dissolution of a relationship, snapshots of different phases of that. I knew I wanted anger and frustration to come through. I really wanted it to have more energy than the other records. I don’t think that vision changed much throughout writing. I established the tone early on, and I really honed in on it.

You’ve said the album’s in part about accepting your own imperfections - do you think low self-confidence is a prevalent problem in 2017?
It’s not really about confidence; I think that's too vague. I think it's more about accepting imperfections when you’ve been a part of a social dynamic in which you were walking on eggshells, working hard to be everything and then setting yourself free of that responsibility. I think that can be as individual as a one on one relationship and as broad as any woman just surviving in the world, trying to do and be everything. And that's really just one facet of what the record is about.

Have you found creating the album cathartic, do you feel better about yourself for having made it?
Feeling better about myself by making an album like this feels like a strange idea. I definitely don’t feel better or worse about myself having made it. It was certainly cathartic, though. Songwriting always is for me, and I imagine it is for most people who do it.

How did you find your time in the studio? Was it an easy process?
It was amazing. I tracked a lot of it live with my band and brought in Katie Harkin to play all the lead guitars and some keys. Working with John Agnello was a dream too. It was a really positive environment, and everything ran smoothly. 

What other themes do you cover across the album?
It’s a pretty uncomplicated concept, and it’s all very literal and close to my experiences. I think they can apply to a lot of broad topics, though. I think that the record is really about reacting to injustice, which I think is something that anyone can relate to in some way.

What’s your favourite thing about ‘Out in the Storm’?
I like that it has atmosphere and sounds really big and full. I think that a new thing for me. I also am really proud of the lyrics. They’re some of my favourite I've ever written.

You’ve loads of tour dates over the summer, are you ready for three months on the road?
Definitely. I think I feel the most normal on the road. 

Taken from the August issue of Dork. Order a copy below. Waxahatchee's new album 'Out In The Storm' is out 21st July.

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