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November 2020

Wavves: "I don't wanna get boxed in"

Nathan Williams discusses his "oddball" new record, 'You're Welcome'.
Published: 3:59 pm, May 18, 2017
Wavves: "I don't wanna get boxed in"
Nathan Williams and co. have left their previous major label home to do it themselves, launching new Wavves album 'You're Welcome' on their own Ghost Ramp Records. It's a welcome move, if a stressful one, Nathan explains.

Do you have post album blues now that the new album's all finished and ready for release?
No blues! Just excited for people to finally hear it in its entirety.

Why did you pick 'You're Welcome' as the title track of the new album?
I wanted the first single to be a departure from [last release] 'V' which was primarily comprised of power pop songs. This was a more insular song, sample based and not particularly guitar heavy. I don't like people being able to expect how my next record will sound. I don't wanna get boxed in.

Talking about getting boxed in, you get labelled as indie, surf, pop-punk, punk, lo-fi, and pretty much everything else under the sun. Are you glad you don't get tied to one genre?
I don't get too caught up in the labels, for the most part, they act as a way to pigeonhole a band, and I'm not with that.

What were your favourite tracks on the album to write/record?
'Come to the Valley' and 'I Love You' were my favourites to write. They came quick and were recorded fluidly.

The album is going to be released entirely through your own label. What do you think are the benefits/challenges of releasing on your own, rather than through a major label?
I mean, the upside to a big label is obviously money and manpower. Without the label, you have more freedom and more stress, but the payoff can be a lot bigger if something sticks.

Is there a specific thing you want people to take away from the new album after listening to it?
I don't think about other people's opinions while I'm recording. Once we start the mixing process it starts to sink in that people will eventually hear it but in the beginning, I'm just following my taste instinctually. If I come in wanting to do something sample based that sounds like it belongs on a strange musical, then I'll chase that. If I wanna flip drums and record something faster, then I'll do that.

Where do you think this album sits with relation to your other work?
It's more of an oddball record, so it's more akin to something like King of the Beach. It also has the same producer.

You're on tour with Blink-182 at the moment, how's that going?
It's been great! They're all nice, genuine guys.

You and your brother released a game about punching Richard Spencer in the face, why do you think it's important to mock figures like Spencer?
I'm not even mocking; I'm encouraging people to be violent towards him because it's what he deserves.

And finally, Where do you see yourself when you're 70?
In a grave.

Wavves' album 'You're Welcome' is out 19th May.

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