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December 2019 / January 2020

Her's grill Trudy and the Romance on their new video for 'The Original Doo-Wop Spacemen'

Watch the band's new vid now.
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Published: 11:29 am, February 14, 2019 Photos: Homer and Farley.
Her's grill Trudy and the Romance on their new video for 'The Original Doo-Wop Spacemen'

Trudy and the Romance are celebrating Valentine’s with the release of their new video for ‘The Original Doo-Wop Spacemen’, the lead single from the trio’s upcoming debut album ‘Sandman’, due 24th May.

The clip sees charmingly retro date featuring milkshakes, movies and a campfire (complete with marshmallows), disrupted by a spooky-looking Mr. Sandman. Olly tells us more about the clip, via a Q&A with his pals Ste and Audun from Her’s.

The bands are playing a gig together tonight (Thursday 14th February) too, catch them at The Fulford Arms in York for ‘A Prom Night with Her’s’.

Wow, we’re loving this new video, can’t believe you finally made it to space Olly. How is space? Won’t you miss ya girl?

The food's sloppy but the stars are wonderful, don't pick a fight with the king of Mars.
I carry her soul in my heart and I have a picture of her in my pocket watch.

We’ve noticed ice-cream is a recurring theme in the Trudy cannon, what does ice cream mean to you?
Sorry I'm vegan, only kidding I'm a pescatarian.
Ice cream is colourful and groovy.
It means sticky kisses and sweet summer memories in a sorry seaside town.
I'm more of a milkshake kinda guy though. 

We see a haunt coming in to ruin all your dates, how do you go about fending off ol’ Sandman?
So you boys know the tale of ol' cruel Mr. Sandman.
Whenever he strikes, I think of the bigger picture, dream with a good sense of humour, kill him with kindness and invite him to my birthday party.

Out of professional curiosity, how many chords would you say are in this latest opus?
I keep my chords close to my chest. 

Olly, Blue Velvet?
What goes on behind your neighbour's closed door.
The all-time daddy of the American dream!
Secrets of a small town.
The Blue World's darkest night.

Finally, what do you do when you’re on your own?
Do my hair, walk, dance,, make sandwiches and watch Disney films.
I've recently been writing a classy country ballad called Sheena Ann.

We’re super excited to hear what you’ve been cooking up in space, best of luck with your on-going arm wrestle.

Find Her’s and Trudy and the Romance live at The Fulford Arms in York tonight (Thursday 14th February). They'll also play:

11-16 SXSW

21 Oslo, London
22 Yes Basement, Manchester
23 Broadcast, Glasgow
28 The Crofters Rights, Bristol
29 Cafe Totem, Sheffield
30 Jacaranda Records, Liverpool

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