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December 2020 / January 2021

Track by Track: Thyla - Everything At Once EP

The band talk us through their new EP, track by track.
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Published: 1:20 pm, February 07, 2020
Track by Track: Thyla - Everything At Once EP

Brighton post-punks Thyla are starting 2020 as they mean to go on: with an EP of top-notch, self-assured tunes. Their second batch of material following on from last year's 'What’s On Your Mind?', 'Everything at Once' paves the way for what's bound to be a packed year. Here, band-leader Millie Duthie talks us through the release, track by track.

'Two Sense'
is the coming together of a shared energy between the four of us that says, put the art first, stand up for own vision and right to self-determination, cut lose from dogmatic thinking, and make some short term sacrifices to stay true to who you are.

'Lenox Hill'
is a reminder to remember where you came from, so much can change in the pursuit of your dreams and it's easy to forget what drove you to follow them in the first place. Looking back on my life's journey has helped me learn so much about why I think and act the way I do and in the pursuit of character development and ambition that's been a real aid.

was written when everything at home was falling apart. I had the fortune of growing up in a nuclear family but the wheels started falling off in recent years when my sister began struggling with problems of addiction and depression. You never think something like that will happen to you until it does and so there is no way of preparing for it. December lays all my feelings towards the situation bare; it's a desperate plea that I could never articulate in person, sometimes music is the only way I'm able to communicate.

is one of our proudest musical moments as a band. We love the song and are most excited about it being out. It's our longest-standing live asset, but we never felt like we could do it justice in the studio until now! Special thanks to Josh (Hoagie) Harrison for bringing the record alive. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Thyla's EP 'Everything At Once' is out now.

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