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October 2019

Track by Track: Pelicandy - Underlove

The band talk us through their new record.
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Published: 10:34 am, September 10, 2019
Track by Track: Pelicandy - Underlove

London newcomers Pelicandy have arrived with their debut EP, 'Underlove'. Out today (Tuesday, 10th September), the four-track release distils some of the duo's highest highs so far: from their instant dance floor classic 'You And Me Baby', to the seductive grooves of 'Silent Treatment'.

“'Underlove' aims to pry into the world’s unhinged psyche with a collection of songs for the armchair psychiatrist," they explain. "Love songs for the therapy generation, you could say. These are the four songs that define Pelicandy so far and we’re thrilled to finally be sharing them with the world."

TC Beecham (vocals, guitar, synthesiser, keys) and Nick Mills (drum kit, drum programming, backing vocals) talk us through the EP, track-by-track.

White Sky
We wanted to break 'White Sky' open with synths like projectiles that fade into the infinite ether. Being a song about clarity of mind it was important to have clean sounds and a relative sparseness to the arrangement but not at the cost of pulsating energy. With this in mind, all arrows pointed to Bullion in the production chair for this one. His operations are based in Lisbon and I love that some of his synth sounds now make me think of swaying palms and clean air now when I hear this song.

You and me Baby

We set our vision in a sweaty nightclub for You and Me Baby. We wanted to channel those feels when you’ve got a lot of steam to blow off on a Friday night and you grant yourself licence to embrace your alter-ego and make a scene. The bold sounds used are us doing exactly that. Somewhat out of character and unapologetically using laser toms and an aggressive synth bass arpeggiator. It was a lot of fun to make and we both woke up with terrible hangovers.

Silent Treatment

‘Silent Treatment’ carries a daydreamy soundscape of someone living in a world of their own disconnect. It’s a smooth, slow-burner reminiscent of a paradise once had, since faded to nostalgia. The kind of drunk, lurching groove was key to getting that defeated, outsider tone through in the vocal takes and I think the harp-like synth really unfurls curtains to another world going in the choruses.

Our Life Now

We wanted 'Our Life Now' to be a contemporary ballad both in sound and in sentiment. It’s a song about tragedy in the modern world reflected by sparse stillness and numbness in the first half, eventually switching to an angrier, more resentful tone. With this shift comes a bombastic and chaotic reflection in the music with the bass line barreling its weight around and throwing the whole track off balance.

Pelicandy's debut EP 'Underlove' is out now. They've upcoming London shows at The Waiting Room (18th September), Electrowerkz (30th September, 15th October), and The Finsbury (18th October).

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