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December 2020 / January 2021

Track by Track: Matt Maltese - Madhouse EP

Our little Malteser's new EP is an interesting one.
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Published: 11:10 am, August 07, 2020 Photos: Lainy Black.
Track by Track: Matt Maltese - Madhouse EP

Following on from his album 'Krystal', Matt Maltese's new EP 'Madhouse' features musings on love via team-ups with Brian from The Lemon Twigs, Asha from Sorry, and more. Here, he talks us through the release, one charming bop at a time.

Little Person

This is one of my favourite songs of all time. It's from a bizarre, beautiful Charlie Kauffman film 'Synecdoche, New York' and it's written by Jon Brion. The kind of song where you're never the same after hearing it. I'd always wanted to do a version of it but kept putting it off, and then with this EP, I thought, enough's enough.

Queen Bee

A song about the notion of finding 'true love', and being doubtful yet persistently and annoyingly hopeful. It's a song that sort of speaks to your future lover with equal parts cynicism and soppiness. Kind of like a Disney film written by a cynic?

I originally had this as a kind of piano interlude with no words, but the more I'd play it, the more the song started coming out with it. It became an ode to someone who's there for you and has been there all along. I think it tries to capture that sort of eureka moment of when your love for someone reveals itself to you.

This one's a song about the kind of strange emotional relationships we can form with objects and place and how fragile happiness can be amongst everything. Objects and places can make us feel good, strange or empty inside, I think, and it's kind of speaking to that. It was a lot of fun making this one, and I owe a lot to Rado and Ben who produced it.. and love to Dave Okumu who played the bass line dreams are made of.

Leather Wearing AA
This is a song about the kind of all-encompassing terrible love, where you're sucked into feeling something you don't necessarily want to feel about someone you don't necessarily want to feel it for. But you do, and that's that. The most teenage angst I've put into a song in a long time. 

Sad Dream

I made this one around the time of Krystal… it's a song about that stage of grief where the best part of your day is the 3 seconds you wake up and don't remember everything. This one probably took the shortest amount of time to make, and I kind of didn't mess with it a lot.. everything was kind of shoddy first take. I think I have the softest spot for this one out of them all.

Taken from the August issue of Dork. Matt Maltese's 'Madhouse' EP is out 7th August.

August 2020
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August 2020

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