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November 2020

Track by Track: iann dior – I'm Gone EP

The 21-year-old rapper talks us through one of the week's best new releases.
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Published: 6:15 pm, June 18, 2020 Photos: Kevin Amato.
Track by Track: iann dior – I'm Gone EP

Puerto Rico-born, Texas-raised rapper iann dior has just released his new EP, 'I'm Gone'. The follow up to last year's debut album 'Industry Plant', and out via 10K Projects (Aitch, Alec Wigdahl), his nine-tracks speed by in a commendable 21 minutes - like the very best punk albums, there's no flab here. Wall-to-wall hits that pack a hefty punch, the release includes his recent singles 'Sick And Tired' featuring Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker, and 'Prospect' featuring Lil Baby. Here, iann talks us through the release, track by track.


'Paradise' is supposed to be a good vibe. It's the type of song that you can put on whenever you've got your windows down, cruising through California. It's just supposed to make you happy – an example to show that we're all young and we all make stupid decisions so just roll with your life."

Pretty Girls

Sheesh. This one's about the ex-girlfriend… when I was recording this song, she was actually outside the studio banging on the door because I didn't let her know that I was back in town. So, the whole song was freestyled. But, this is easily an example of a song to help you get over a breakup. So, if you're sad, and you just broke up with your little boo-thing, put on that 'Pretty Girls' and you'll feel a lot better.


Anxiety! When I recorded this song, I had a bunch of anxiety, and I let a lot of my anger out by making this song. So, this is a perfect example of a song that helps you express emotions that you don't even wanna talk about with anyone else. It's all the shit that's inside your head.

We getting fucked up tonight! Shameless is a song that plays whenever I'm getting ready for a party. I gotta get my excitement up, gotta get the energy up, you know what I mean? I gotta get in my bag, you know what I'm saying? Gonna go to this party, pull up, we getting fucked up…I'm probably not gonna remember the night, but as long as you have fun that's all that matters, right?


You know who you are. This song is targeted towards one person… they know who they are. But, you know, when you sleep on the kid, you're gonna wake up upset. This song is a perfect example of someone who doesn't appreciate what they have when they have it. So, whenever they lose it, they're sad… you had it fucked up, now you see me I'm rich, rich.

Sick and Tired

Quarantine! We all need a song to listen to while this shit is happening. 'Sick and Tired' is that song! We're all stuck inside the house; we ain't got no friends! All our friends are just gonna make us sick, so we don't wanna be around them. Sick And Tired. Also, MGK and Travis Barker, thank you so much for being a part of this. The song is fucking amazing; if you guys need a song to vibe out to inside your house, you ain't got no friends to chill with, this is the song.

Runaway Kid
I actually wrote this song on the way from Corpus Christie to L.A. It was a song that I wrote while I was in the middle of running away from everything else. I was so tired of who I used to be, and I wanted to be someone new. This is where iann dior was born, and this is the song that he wrote while he was on his way to the dream.

Good Day

Good day! Everybody's just trying to have a good day. There's always those people who try to stop you from having a good day; I'm gonna tell you one thing to tell them: "fuck you!" That's the definition of 'Good Day'.


I'm in my bag right now. I love buying clothes - I'm addicted to it, I'm sad, I'm mad. If I don't even feel like talking to you right now, it's probably because I'm shopping. This song is just about blowing a bag, and being who you are. Don't let anybody tell you that you can't be yourself, because chances are they don't even know who they are. So, whenever that happens, just go blow a bag.

iann dior's 'I'm Gone EP' is out now.

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