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September 2018

Track by Track: Husky Loops - EP2

Find out all about Husky Loops' new release.
Published: 2:25 pm, October 06, 2017
Track by Track: Husky Loops - EP2
Husky Loops release their brand new EP, 'EP2', today (Friday, 6th October) - and it's a right old corker. To celebrate, the band talk us through each track on the release, track by track.

Girl Who Wants To Travel The World
This song talks about (widely speaking) the inevitability of letting someone who you love go, and that is summed up in the silly chorus line. It's hard to pick one main subject, the verse brings up many concepts: the strength of a woman, to come from a small town, the incapability to leave, etc. We like it because it can have so many different meanings but the refrain and the lyrics are so simple.

This is our craziest song so far, we wanted it to sound very grime influenced and in your face but it ended up being this roomy mental stream of consciousness. For us the groove of this song is still the most important element in it, hopefully people will dance like crazy! Re-collect is very Husky Loops, the drums just repeat themselves and the guitar is nasty but has got that musical element that makes it singable. The recording session was also incredible, the three of us were drinking rum and having so much fun and Danio was just tweaking Tom's bass through an MS20, live in the control room.

Fading Out
Fading Out was great to write. We tried to create this really dry, stopped and angry machine that could break and open up in the chorus. It's an interesting song that talks about moving out and the migrant crisis of the Mediterranean sea - it's hard to decode maybe. The ending is very early hip hop inspired, imagine DJ Premiere early Jeru he Damager meets Unkle. We really love this tune to play live, energy!

Secret Matilda
This is a song about obsession and the various thoughts happening in your head once you go through it. It started from a jam that Pietro and Tom created in Pietro's warehouse around 2 years ago, this great bass and drums loop we all really loved. Danio picked it up later and put a song he had written on top. It's very heavily influenced by Italian 70's songwriters and Bowie. We still see this tune as two separated things, the intro and the song. Once again the groove and the repetition is the key. Musically speaking this entire EP2 is based on repetition.

Give all this a try

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The 1975's new track 'TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME' is here - listen now!

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We're going back to where we began with Spring King and the new issue of Dork, out Friday

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