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October 2019

Track by Track: Honey Moon - Four More From...

Check out the band's latest "jingly jangly bunch".
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Published: 2:42 pm, September 21, 2018
Track by Track: Honey Moon - Four More From...

Jangle-poppers Honey Moon have just released their new EP via Heist or Hit, home to the likes of Her’s and Pizzagirl. ‘Four More From…’ was produced by Alex Greaves at The Nave studios in Leeds, and it sees the foursome step up to the plate with croony, chilled-out retro pop of the highest order. Check out the release below, and a handy track by track from vocalist Jack Slater Chandler.

There’s a launch party at the Waiting Room in London on 27th September, before the band hit the road with label buds Her’s in October and November.

Why Do You Think You're So (Special)?

‘Special’ has always been one of our favourite odd-balls; its a bit of a patchwork of different ideas. I was listening to a lot of female singers around the time we put it together, a lot of Beach Boys, too. Jane Penny (TOPS), Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes) people like that - they definitely influenced the vocal style, and the instrumentation wound itself into a kind of gritty, soulful thing naturally.

Mover In The Dark

This little guy came together like a paint-by-numbers! Nice and speedy and nice and short - unlike most of our other songs. We were aiming for Roy Orbison meets The Ronettes meets The Strokes. All the big hitters, basically.

Yours, Girl

This one wasn’t so speedy, but got better with time. It’s a sweet and tender tale of seaside love that acts as a nice bridge between some of our earlier stuff and this EP, I think.  

Be My

'Be My' is the grandad of this jingly jangly bunch. We’ve been falling in and out of love with old grandpapa since we played our first few rock and roll concerts, but he’s in the good books at the moment - a wise old dog that knows how to rock the socks right off of your feet. 

Honey Moon's EP 'Four More From...' is out now.

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The new issue of Dork, featuring cover star Lauv, is out now!
New issue!

The new issue of Dork, featuring cover star Lauv, is out now!

There's also Swim Deep, Sports Team, Mystery Jets, Sampa The Great and more.
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