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December 2020 / January 2021

Track by Track: Gaffa Tape Sandy - Family Mammal EP

The band talk us through their new record.
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Published: 2:23 pm, August 09, 2019 Photos: Matthew Richer.
Track by Track: Gaffa Tape Sandy - Family Mammal EP

Gaffa Tape Sandy have just dropped their new EP ‘Family Mammal’. Their first full release via Alcopop! Records, the eight-tracker sees them run-through angsty tales of entitlement, despair and mood swings in a way that’ll totally smack a smile on your face. Here, the trio tell us about the EP track-by-track.


We have a lot to thank to this little ditty. The video of us playing it at Glastonbury tickled the ears of some wicked people. Lyrically, it’s a simple song about hindsight and regrets; William, if you’re reading this, sorry about that time I knocked a box of Haribo Tangfastics out of your hands.


This song is a pointed finger at the attitudes and conversations that suggest that anyone has the right to anyone else’s body. They don’t, and they never will.

My Desperate House

We’re fortunate enough not to often feel very desperate and helpless. But inevitably, life sometimes makes you feel that way. Whether it’s your job, your habits, your relationship, whatever. Hang in there.


This is one of our favourite songs to play live. It’s so great to see people connecting to it. We wanted this song to talk to the ever-growing group of people who suffer from mental health issues in this stupid and difficult world.

So Dry

Inspired by the people who really, really annoy us, this song is the lovechild of frustration and exhaustion.

Dinner Jacket

Mostly, when we go into the studio, the songs we record have gone through the crucible of the stage. But this song went straight from the rehearsal room to the studio, and we think because of that, it has a really different… flavour? In a similar vein to Headlights, we wanted this song to talk to the people who find it hard to talk themselves.


This song plays with the topic of emotional ambivalence. The lyrics are a bunch of shifty and contradictory words, and the playful back and forth vocals are trying to represent mood swings and the inconsistencies of the human brain. We’re such volatile little creatures.

Kill The Chord

Major cuts to arts councils and the continuing disappearance of small venues supplied us with more than enough inspiration to write an angsty anthem. As cliche and overused as it is to say, eh hem* SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTISTS.

Gaffa Tape Sandy's new EP 'Family Mammal' is out now.

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