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June 2020

Thyla: "Obscure dreams freak me out"

Find out all about Thyla's new single, 'Candy'.
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Published: 11:23 am, November 01, 2018Words: Sam Taylor. Photos: Patrick Gunning.
Thyla: "Obscure dreams freak me out"

Thyla have not long dropped a sugary-sweet new track called ‘Candy’. The lead single from their upcoming debut EP, coming ‘soon’, it’s themed on the sensation of feeling “impending doom and you have no idea why,” where even your dreams are messed up. Frontwoman Millie tells us more.

Hey Millie, your new track ‘Candy’ is great. Do you often have dreams about your teeth falling out?
All four of us have had the dreaded teeth dream when you're going about your imaginary day, and they just start falling out. 

Are you guys into dream interpretation? Apparently dreaming about candy represents forbidden pleasures and your sensuality.
I can recall loads of times when we’ve discussed our dreams in length together. We think dreams are fascinating, like an extension of consciousness that you can’t unravel awake. The link between candy and forbidden pleasures makes sense; I was always trying to sneak into the sweet tin as a kid. Google reckons teeth dreams are related to stress; feelings of powerlessness and loss of control. Makes sense, lol. It’s the obscure dreams that freak me out, the ones you’re reluctant to tell people about because you don’t want them to worry about you… Pretty sure everyone can relate!

What’s the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?
When I was a kid, I used to have a recurring dream where I was trapped in an underground network of sand tunnels, and all the sand would be crumbling in and slowly closing off the routes. I’d start frantically trying to dig new ones to get out and then this thing that I can only describe as an invisible presence would appear behind me. Just before it got to me, the tunnel would flood with water and sweep it away, and I’d swim out into a boat harbour at night, and the moon would sing ‘The goodbye song’ from the TV show Bear in the Big Blue House. That one’s always weirded me out!

‘Candy’ is quite American isn’t it, is it easier to work into a song than ‘sweets’?
Haha yeah, I suppose, although it's a word that comes naturally to me as I was born in NYC and lived in the US till I was eight years old.

What can you tell us about the rest of the EP?
There’s all sides of Thyla on there, we all have equal input in the songwriting process and in doing an EP we’ve had a chance to express that diversity as a collection of ideas. 

Are you going to release any more singles from it?
Yes! We’ll be releasing ‘Blue’ just before our London Headline debut on 28th November at The Shacklewell Arms.

Taken from the November issue of Dork. Thyla's new EP is coming 'soon'.

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"I don't want to slow down" - introducing the new issue of Dork, featuring The 1975, out now!

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