There’s probably a new St. Vincent album out this year and that’s really very exciting

There are lots of reasons to be excited this year, but the thought of a new St Vincent album gets us positively giddy.

Ten years ago, when Annie Clark released her first album ‘Marry Me’, little did we know that this idiosyncratic and fascinating artist who posed bright and unadorned in basic portrait on the front of her debut album would become a genuine icon. There are lots of reasons to be excited this year, but the thought of a new St Vincent album gets us positively giddy. In the (almost) words of her esteemed friend and collaborator Talking Heads’ David Byrne, “well, how did I get here?” And just how did St Vincent become one of 2017’s biggest returning stars?

Her last album was a genre-defying pop art masterpiece

St Vincent had always made music that was shape shifting and progressive in nature. Her career has been a gradual progression from the art rock margins into the bright spotlight of the wider indie consciousness. With 2014’s self-titled fourth album she truly burst into the spotlight with a brash and hugely exciting collection of statement-making pop songs. Full hooks and weird twists and turns it was the sound of Annie Clark embracing her weirded out pop sensibilities. Oh, and the stage show was a bit special too.

She’s been teasing that her new album will be even bigger and better than before

Just last month St Vincent appeared on the front cover of Guitar World magazine in all her bad ass glory in an iconic cover pose dressed in a bikini t-shirt poking fun at the more-than-slightly problematic history of guitar rock female objectification. As well as highlighting her status as a genuine modern day guitar innovator, Annie offered a tantalising progress update on her new album: “I think it’ll be the deepest, boldest work I’ve ever done.”

She’s the best musical buddy that you never had

Every musician under the sun has had a radio show on Apple Music’s Beats One since it launched in July 2015. Out of all the Drakes, Eltons and Pharrells, St Vincent’s Mixtape Delivery Service was by far the best. The show had a simple premise of Annie talking to a caller while providing them with their own specially curated playlist based on a theme or subject. An utter delight, it showed a human and relatable side to an emerging pop character who has no truck with mystery or aloof detachment. St Vincent is just like all of us. Except, you know, really good at singing and playing guitar and stuff.

She’s been busy writing and recording

Although 2016 was a year of downtime before things ramp up this year, Annie still found time to take part in numerous different projects. She composed the soundtrack for Kristen Stewart’s forthcoming film ‘Come Swim’, and she’s involved in working on anthology horror film ‘XX’. She’s also popped up in the studio with Kendrick Lamar’s head producer Sounwave which brings up the prospect of an intriguing possible change in direction. There’s also the tantalising prospect of a collaboration with ol’ King Kendrick himself. Well, we can only hope.