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September 2018

The Rhythm Method: "We definitely envisaged this bank holiday weekend as the setting for the song"

Joey tells us all about The Rhythm Method's new bank holiday banger
Published: 3:28 pm, August 25, 2017
The Rhythm Method: "We definitely envisaged this bank holiday weekend as the setting for the song"
Summer is the perfect time to party so it’s handy that banger-riffic duo The Rhythm Method have dropped their latest track ‘Something For The Weekend’ just in time for the August bank holiday weekend. Joey and Rowan are masters at the art of the clever pop single so we thought we’d ask Joey to tell us all about the new single and their plans for this bank holiday Monday. Oh, and if you’re a Rhythm Method fan in the Camden area of London this holiday weekend you might just want to keep your Saturday night free if you fancy a dance. (hint, hint)

So, Joey tell us all about ‘Something For The Weekend’. It’s a proper turbo banger.

"I couldn’t agree more. It’s fantastic. It started life 6 years ago. Rowan was pursuing a solo career and he released a song called ‘Just A Little Taste’ that we have re-appropriated and put The Rhythm Method spin on it by getting me to ramble all over it.

"It’s about the same sort of things that most of our songs are about. Not so much living for the weekend but living for any opportunity to enjoy yourself. This bank holiday coming up is what it’s all about. There’s also references to suburbia and sex and that kind of stuff."

There’s lots of clever references in The Rhythm Method’s songs. What’s been your favourite to drop?

"Yeah, they’ve become a bit of a trademark. Sometimes I wonder if a few of them might be too niche or a step to far but it’s just me and Rowan making each other laugh.

"I’m a big fan of getting a reference to Radio Jackie in ‘Something For The Weekend’. It’s a south west London based radio station that started out as a pirate station in the 80s when pirate radio stations weren’t what they are now. They were just standard pop stations just broadcasting illegally. It’s always a been a weird staple in my life. My dad told me a story when he and my mum just got married he phoned in one day to request ‘Uptown Girl’ for her on Radio Jackie."

‘Something For The Weekend’ has arrived just in time for the bank holiday. How would The Rhythm Method spend their perfect bank holiday?

"This one would probably be up there. We’re spending it doing what we want to do. Whenever we write a song it’s not so much about the concept but we try and envisage a scene or a time of year. We definitely envisaged this bank holiday weekend as a setting for the song. We regard it as the best weekend of the year because you’ve got Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday and Monday, we’ve been going there with our friends for the last decade. It’s a staple of our year. It’s what New Year’s Eve should be."

 What treats can we expect from The Rhythm Method for the year ahead and what are you cooking up?

"The last quarter of the year starts here for us. We’ve spent the summer playing festivals every weekend. It’s been a great experience. The performance side of things is second nature now. That gives us the opportunity to expand on that performance and dance about a bit more.

"The tour is in October, half of it is with Shame and half on our own. It all leads to our biggest London headline show at Bethnall Green Working Men’s Club on 25th October. Around then we’ll release another single which is a companion piece to ‘Something For The Weekend’.

"We’ve been able to grow this year. Every tent we’ve played at festivals was full. We’re feeling really confident. We’ve got three or four new songs to play in October."




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