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February 2021

The Latitude 2017 Checklist

Get the risotto balls out and the morning cocktails ready, here’s everything you need to tick off for the full Latitude experience this weekend.
Published: 11:48 am, July 10, 2017
The Latitude 2017 Checklist
Blooming ‘ell, it’s hot outside right? When we’ve not been scorching away in festival fields, we’ve spent most of our time filling a bath tub full of sun-cream in order to cope. Goes down a treat when you then need the rest of the day to clear it up - but come mid-July, there’s only one festival that truly lights up the summer into a blissed-out paradise and that’s Latitude.

Once again setting light to the Suffolk Solstice (not a thing but hey, we like the sound of it), Latitude has always been the beacon of light amidst the rainy nights. No matter when you think of Latitude, one thing comes to mind - hanging out in the sun and catching a stunning ‘ol programme of bands, sounds and surprises.

So, as you can imagine - we’re pretty bloody excited about the fact that it’s less than a week away.

Here at Dork, we like to make life easy. It’s fair to say that we like to help everyone out when it comes to navigating the many fields and sets across the weekend - so what better way to prepare for Latitude than with the OFFICIAL (as in official in our minds) checklist for what you’ll need to tick off from the weekend. If you haven’t ticked all of these off, then you really haven’t nailed Latitude we promise.

While you pack your tins of lemonade and camping tents, make sure you print this list off - because it’s much better to be prepared for the highlights coming your way right?

Witness the final chapter of ‘I Like it when you sleep…’ with The 1975 on Friday night

If there’s a band who’ve defined the past 18 months, then it has to be The 1975. A glistening world of neon light and devastating pop heights, there’s a reason why Matty & Co are the biggest pop band the country have at the moment, with ‘I like it when you sleep…’ scooping awards, selling out arenas and making us cry tears of joy at every turn.

At Latitude on Friday night, The 1975 bid adieu to an era that has cemented their place in the hearts of thousands. Promising surprises and one last opportunity to witness the glorious lights (that have won awards y’know), it could very well be the festival moment of the year. There may be a new album primed for next year, and they’ll headline bigger stages than this - but Latitude will be a landmark we’ll all be talking about for years to come.

Spend a necessary few hours hanging about with the true icons of Latitude - the sheep

The real question here is, have you really been to Latitude if you haven’t chilled out with the Latitude Sheep? We’d say not, so best to make your way over to see the blighters, who are having a proper ‘ol shindig over the weekend (with their pink coats going down an absolute treat in the style stakes). We understand if you might miss the rest of the festival, we’ll meet you up there for an annual get-together.

Pretend you’re at the Royal Opera House when Katherine Jenkins rolls into town on Sunday

Now, if you’d of told us that we’d be talking about Kathrine Jenkins at a festival, we would of dropped our Skittles and had a rich old laugh about it. Yet at Latitude, the arts and vast spectrum of musical tasters mean that on Sunday, KJ will be making a huge appearance for a scorching singalong. Make sure you have some voice left, you’ll be belting your lungs out f’sho.

Pogo like a, well, pogo stick as Two Door Cinema Club return to Latitude

Two Door Cinema Club have unfinished business with Latitude. Back in 2014, the trio were riding high and gearing up to headline the Friday night of the festival - until fate threw its weight in and lead to them unfortunately having to pull out. Now, three years late, they’re back - and set to rip seven shades of shapes out of the Obelisk Arena. With latest album ‘Gameshow’ ushering in a new era of a band sizzling in flashing-bright hooks - their special guest slot will be nothing short of momentous, as Two Door Cinema Club return to Latitude to once and for all lay their triumphant flag in the ground

Bring a spare set of clothes for HMLTD, and witness one of the most exciting live bands on the planet

We do love a show, we’ve made that very clear I’m sure - and it’s for that very reason that HMLTD may be one of the most exciting thrills dazzling out of the Latitude weekender. Soaked in gritty glitter and with a penchant for seizing every note and flick from the stage they find themselves on, their set on Friday night is a must-see, for a glimpse into the future of a band who shine bright than most. Just be prepared to bring a flamboyant set of clothes to go down in, it’s all a part of what’s to come (we say with our trilbies and pineapple shades on).

Reacquaint yourself with The Horrors, as they return with some of their most enthralling sounds so far

The Horrors feel like best mates by now. They’ve been by our side for years and always deliver in welcoming new eras with an absolute bang. It’s that exact reason why their Obelisk set on Friday has us already spinning around the office, especially off the strength of lead stormer ‘Machine’, at what’s ahead for Southend’s finest doom weavers. Expect to hear some cheeky new looks ahead to incoming LP ‘V’ along with all the classics, as one of the most underrated bands in modern Britannia make their play for the big leagues.

Watch a live podcast, Will Young covering Jazz songs or something called Rave Karaoke - basically, let yourself do something absolutely ridiculous okay?

What Latitude has in abundance that no other festival can really get away with, is the sheer variety of out-there experiences lying around every corner. So even if you’ve had enough of watching bands (which we’re not sure how you could be with the folks lined up to play), you can still check out something undeniably cracking.

That could be the laugh out loud tales of renowned podcast ‘My Dad Wrote A Porno’, Charlie Fink of Noah and the Whale fame bringing his Cover My Tracks live theatre experience to the field, watching Will Young cover a load of jazz songs or the wonder that is Rave Karaoke. Yep - Rave Karaoke. Basically, get ready to witness pure ludicrousness.

Refer to yourself as a Gentleman Of The Road for the whole of Saturday, because, y’know - Mumfords are around

Them Mumford & Sons, they just love taking things over - but doing a whole day at a festival? That’s exactly what they’re doing on Saturday, when their Gentlemen Of The Road Takeover comes to Latitude in one of their only live shows of the year. So you’re not just getting the electric meets banjo headline show from one of the biggest British success stories of recent times, but you’re also getting a curated lineup throughout the site that includes Dork faves Glass Animals, Lucy Rose and many more.

We’ll be wearing top-hats to mark the occasion. All day. So you’ll easily spot us in the crowds - only right to join in the fun right?

Watch a set from a band you’d now be jumping all over every time they roll into town, because there’s plenty to choose from

It’s cliche right, but festivals are bloody great at finding your favourite new band - and Latitude is primed to be no exception. Across a whole range of stages, there’s plenty of bonafide Dork favourites ready to seize the day, so make sure you get down to the likes of The Japanese House, Shame, Pumarosa, Dead Pretties, The Magic Gang, Matt Maltese -and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Catch The Japanese House serving up heavyweight hits at her favourite festival, while also jumping over to see a pop superstar in waiting with Sigrid

You know when things align real and proper, and you catch a band playing on the perfect stage at the perfect moment? Those are proper good aren’t they? Well at Latitude, there’s two sure-fire moments just waiting to be witnessed. First, there’s The Japanese House, playing at a festival the Amber Bain has previously described as one of her absolute favourites - hot off the release of latest EP ‘Saw You In A Dream’, as she takes another step towards the big-time.

Then there’s Sigrid, a name that by now has simply become shorthand for “Superstar”. A pop superstar-in-waiting, ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ is simply just an opening tease for a fully-formed force of nature that’s been delivering huge sets around Europe over the past few months. In the middle of the day at Latitude, it’s going to be a pretty special moment indeed.

Harmonise with Fleet Foxes to wind out your Sunday, or land in Fatboy Slim’s world of beach-sized bangers

So by this stage of the weekend, you’ll have hopefully ticked off the rest of this checklist (or made one of your own - after all, making them up is probably the best bet) but one double headed choice remains. Fleet Foxes’ return this year has been an absolutely spell-binding one, new album ‘Crack-Up’ is overflowing with warmth and charm and their closing headline set is ready and waiting to hold everyone close.

But then again, there is Fatboy Slim - and if we know one thing, Fatboy Slim knows how to soundtrack a party. Breakbeat hits and chimes galore, it’ll have the last bit of energy spilling out of ya with one last festival moment.

Now that’s choice and a half, but then again if you can do both we’ll give you double points.

Long and short of it, just be there okay?

Final tickets are on sale now, head to to snap ‘em up!

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