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August 2018

The Cut: Charli XCX, Maggie Rogers, Pale Waves and more

The tracks you need this New Music Friday (27th July 2018).
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Published: 9:01 am, July 27, 2018Words: Stephen Ackroyd.
The Cut: Charli XCX, Maggie Rogers, Pale Waves and more

We know. After this week, you'd prefer a bit of rain and a nice cold drink to a bunch of bangers that'll have you moving in your seat, but hey, we can't do everything here. Music waits for nobody.

We've cut down to the essentials - new tracks from the likes of Charli XCX, Pale Waves, Maggie Rogers, Idles and Estrons, all of which have appeared online over recent days ready for your New Music Friday.

So, without further delay, here are the new records you should be sticking in your carefully curated playlists today. You can hear the full thing on Spotify here, or, if you want to get the new cut every Friday direct to your Spotify account, follow the main playlist here.

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Charli XCX Girls Night Out

“No boys, no boys” - the message from Charli’s latest futurepop banger is clear. Produced by SOPHIE, the fact it arrives a year on from ‘Boys’ is more than just a cute trick.

Pale Waves Eighteen

The first track on the band’s debut album ‘My Mind Makes Voices’, ‘Eighteen’ is proof that Pale Waves mean business - not that anyone needed convincing of that. A band with big ambitions, it’s a promise they’ll deliver on them all.

IDLES Samaritans

With toxic masculinity in their sights, Idles are starting to sound more capital-letters-Important by the day. A track that shouts back a whole raft of quotable lines, it’s the subversion of ‘I kissed a boy and I liked it’ that sends ‘Samaritans’ into the stratosphere. Essential.

Estrons Cameras

With their debut album now announced, Estrons can get down to serious business. ‘Cameras’ may take a more considered route in comparison to some of the band’s previous, more direct offerings, but it’s definitive proof that they’re a band with the skill to roll with the ebbs and flows of their forthcoming full-length

Jungle Heavy, California

With their forthcoming album ‘For Ever’ described as a post apocalyptic radio station of break up songs, it’s clear that Jungle believe that judgement day will be a hell of a lot more social than Skynet ever intended.

HONNE Feels So Good

Teaming up with the fantastic Anna of the North, ‘Feels So Good’ is a slow jam vibe that’s got no intention of getting a sweat on while its so hot out. We don’t blame it either. Far more our pace during the balmy summer.

IDER You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You Baby

Currently working on their debut full-length, ‘You’ve Got Your Whole Life Ahead Of You Baby’ is the first taster of what’s to come for IDER. Chilled but never so laid back it loses sight of the prize, it’s another tick in the box of a duo of genuine promise.

Maggie Rogers Give A Little

If there’s a Premier League of pop talent, it’s time to start tipping Maggie Rogers for promotion. There’s a sparkling clarity to her latest track - a surgical strike of immediacy that successfully infects on the first listen and demands more. ‘Give A Little’, take a lot.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich 4AM In London

There are two types of early London mornings. For some, they’re still up after the night before, going hard, rolling into the office in last night’s clothes with a weary expression. For others, it’s a rare moment of clarity as the city briefly calms before going again. It’s the latter vibe that runs through Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s latest track - a thoughtful realisation that feels more than just another song.

Blood Orange Charcoal Baby

One of two tracks from Dev Hynes to introduce new album ‘Negro Swan’, ‘Charcoal Baby’ fits perfectly into the self-described themes of the forthcoming full length: “an honest look at the corners of black existence” imbued with “the idea of HOPE”.

Metric Dressed to Suppress

For as far back as we care to remember, Metric have always had a high bar. With lofty standards set, ‘Dressed to Suppress’ shows no signs of failing to make their usual level. Five minutes and a good pocket of change, it’s the Canadians at their very finest.

Santigold Run the Road

A taster of her new “mixtape-style album” ‘I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions’, which arrives in full today, ‘Run the Road’ sees Santigold hitting a groove. “I think I’m going to keep doing that for a while, rather than focusing on big, whole projects,” she explains. On the strength of this, the immediacy suits her.

Day Wave Still Let You Down

Day Wave’s first new material of 2018, ‘Still Let You Down’ is a ice cool gem perfect for the summer months. Driving fast but staying cool, it’s got blissed out euphoria seeping out of every pore.

Ed The Dog Shame

The title track of a new full-length of the same name, Ed’s one talented dog. A scrappy, infectious indie banger in waiting, it draws on a lineage of lo-fi creativity to make something that feels fresh, interesting and reassuringly familiar in the same moment.

Dizzy Backstroke

We know. It’s tropical out. The perfect time to jump into the musical pool with Dizzy then, as they prepare for the release of their debut album next month. A immaculate moment of cool in a world full of hot messes.

Want all of these bangers in one place? We've got a playlist for that. Here's this week's selections on Spotify. If you want to get the updated version direct to your Spotify profile every Friday, follow the The Cut here.

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