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November 2018

Superfood: "We wanted to scare you"

Superfood return with a new record label, and a new sound.
Published: 9:26 am, March 03, 2017
Superfood: "We wanted to scare you"
Superfood's debut album 'Don't Say That' was an underrated gem: heaps of fun and packed to overflowing with the sort of fizzy, exuberant bangers that can lift the mood of all but the most determined misery chops. After an unexpected signing Dirty Hit - home to fellow Dork faves The 1975 and Wolf Alice - 2017 sees the band return sounding, well, not quite like before...

Hey Dom, how are you guys at the moment? What have you been up to since we last saw you?
Skint, bored. We need to get this stuff out there. Since we stopped touring, we've been keeping our heads above water making this album.

‘Double Dutch’ is pretty different to your last batch of bangers - what drew you to releasing it as your comeback track?
It's the track that is the furthest away from the stuff we used to write, so we wanted to put it out there and gauge people's reaction. We also wanted to scare you.

Is the new direction indicative of change within the band, or a new attitude towards what you want the band to be?
We always wanted to make this album; things just got lost in transit. I feel like every record we do will change and grow. There's no new attitude it's just that we've written and recorded this by ourselves with no outside influence at all.

How far in are you with your second album? Is it done and dusted?

And how many 10/10 bangers are on this one?

What was the most important lesson you learnt from ‘Don’t Say That’, do you think?
Don't rush it. Think. Don't give yourself two weeks. Follow through your own ideas until the end. Don't listen to anyone.

You’ve signed to Dirty Hit now, haven’t you? How did that come about?
We were in LA mixing and saw The 1975 were there too, so we gave Matty [Healy, frontman] a message on Twitter. He said to send over what we'd been putting down and then things went from there...

Will you be airing much new material on the upcoming tour?
Yes my friend, old and new. Opening the window and giving it some decent airflow.

Album aside, what are you most looking forward to in 2017?
Fewer adults on scooters. Actually, nah, fuck that - do what you want. More adults on scooters.

The Dirty Hit Tour 2017, feat. Superfood, King Nun and Pale Waves, will kick off on 17th March. Superfood also play Live At Leeds and Handmade.

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