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September 2019

The Spook School: "We recorded with MJ from Hookworms, watched lots of otter videos on YouTube"

Glaswegians The Spook School have dropped their eagerly awaited third album.
Published: 11:21 am, February 09, 2018
The Spook School: "We recorded with MJ from Hookworms, watched lots of otter videos on YouTube"
When we were asking bands in the lead up to Christmas whose new album they were most looking forward to in 2018, well, almost everyone said Arctic Monkeys. A few didn’t, though - and among those, Glaswegians The Spook School came up again and again.

Thankfully we don’t have long to wait for their third effort, as - depending on when you’re reading this - new full-length 'Could It Be Different?' is either out now or Very Soon Indeed. Niall, Anna, Adam and Nye fill us in on all the goss. Nice one.

Hey Spook School, how are you all today?
We are a little bit tired from living life to the max.

So you’re starting 2018 off with a new album - congrats. When did you write and record this one?
We recorded the album at the start of 2017, with the lovely MJ from Hookworms in his studio in Leeds. We watched lots of otter videos on YouTube. It was a lovely time.

What were you guys up to IRL during the record’s creation? Did you experience any important non-musical life events?
We were working in real life silly jobs. Anna was a museum person, Nye was a bank person, Niall was a bar person, and Adam was an actual awesome human being as a support worker.

What topics does the release cover lyrically?
Sexuality, gender, being scared, being optimistic, looking back, looking forward. Did we mention being scared?

How would you like the album to make listeners feel?

Like other people are just as confused as they are.

In what ways is 'Could It Be Different?' a progression from your first records?
Before this album, we hadn’t seen a video where NOFX got lost in Russia, and after that it really got our priorities sorted. Once you’ve seen NOFX lost you know it’s time to find yourself. (MJ showed us this video. It was just before the otter videos.)

What’s the mood like in Glasgow at the mo? Does it feed into your music?
Everyone’s a bit sad because it’s rainy but happy because it’s getting closer to Christmas.

2017 was a bit of a shitter in many respects - what good things would you like to happen in 2018?
Brexit is cancelled. Borders are dissolved. Everyone gets a free piece of pie.

Diet Cig are a great band to be touring with, were you guys pals before this bunch of live dates?
We had met briefly at SXSW and seen each other play before the European tour. When they arrived in the UK they had never heard of Gina G (never mind ‘ooh ah just a little bit’) so it was a frosty start. Slowly we educated them on the brilliance of Eurodisco and by the end of the tour they were doing Whigfield’s 'Saturday Night' choreography perfectly!

Do you have any touristy plans for your time in the States?
Cute dogs, please. Surfing in California. Meeting cute dogs. Grand Canyon. Surfing with cute dogs. Statue of Liberty. Meeting a cat. Celebrity Segway tour of LA.

What’s the best thing about being a musician at the mo?
Economic instability.

Finally, what new bands are you into right now?
Speed Skater, Marble Gods, Joyce Delaney and Breakfast Muff.

The Spook School's album 'Could It Be Different?' is out now. Taken from the February issue of Dork, out now.

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