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March 2019

Splashh: "It was full on, New York is crazy"

Splashh's new album saw them traverse quite a journey.
Published: 8:45 am, April 20, 2017
Splashh: "It was full on, New York is crazy"
Sasha Frantz Carlson and co. have taken their time with second album ‘Waiting A Lifetime’, putting into practice all the lessons they learnt from their 2013 debut ‘Comfort’. It’s the record they’ve been waiting to make.

So you’re back with a new album, ‘Waiting A Lifetime’ - how are you guys at the moment?
Good, we are anxious and excited to get the new record out now. It's been a long time coming for us - Sitting with these songs and what not. Mostly excited to tour the new songs and get in front of people again, that's what's important to us.

What was the biggest lesson you learnt from your debut, do you think? Were you pleased with how it all went?
Looking back on it all now I am, but at the time it all happened quite quickly. We didn’t really have time to think about 'recording' an album, these we just the songs we wrote and recorded in three months when we started. I think just taking your time to really get what you want across is important.

What was your frame of mind like when you started work on ‘Waiting A Lifetime’?
It was full on. New York is crazy in general which added to our frame of mind I think, but we were focused on pushing it in the studio.

How did you hit on ‘Waiting A Lifetime’’s sound, did you experiment much during its creation?
We had some of the songs since 2014, so they had been through a lot of changes but when we got to the studio all that kind of went out the window. We definitely experimented with this record.

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Recording in New York sounds awfully glam - what drew you to Brooklyn?
We always wanted to work with Nicolas Vernhas going back to when we started the band even. We are huge fans of his work (Deerhunter, Animal Collective, etc.), so that was a huge draw card. It’s lucky that we have spent the last few years there back and forth, so we have like a second home vibe going on. The nightlife is quite glam I do admit.

Did you go on many adventures while over there?

What’s your favourite thing about the new album?
I think for me its diverse and hasn’t stuck to one particular sound. Lots of melody. The songs seem a little deeper that the precious LP

Is there anything you really hope listeners ‘get’ about the release?
I just hope it draws some reaction out of the listener whatever it may be. Whether it makes you feel sad, happy or angry, etc. Just some reaction

What are you most looking forward to happening or doing this year?
Touring again is pretty much on the top of that list, Travelling you know, Being with friends doing this is a great thing

Finally - recommend us some new bands?
Our friends from Sydney - Green Buzzard and AU.RA are both really cool, and we say go see for yourself!

Splashh's album 'Waiting A Lifetime' is out now.

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Get Out - your weekly live music update, featuring Sigrid, Lewis Capaldi, Maggie Rogers and more

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