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November 2019

Soccer Mommy: "We got to try out a bunch of cool ideas"

This week marks the release of Soccer Mommy's debut album, 'Clean'.
Published: 11:18 am, February 26, 2018
Soccer Mommy: "We got to try out a bunch of cool ideas"
When Sophie Allison - that’s Soccer Mommy to the rest of us - quit school to go all in on her art, she probably had doubts. Everyone would. She shouldn’t, though. Not on the strength of her latest full-length ‘Clean’, the Follow up to last year’s bedroom-recorded compilation ‘Collection’. Opener ‘Still Clean’ has a clarity that’s enough to stop even the most distracted listener in their tracks. With production values levelled up, this isn’t an album that throws out the old to find new, easier paths. Instead it builds on strong foundations. ‘Cool’ is equal parts love and hate, while ‘Your Dog’ is a juxtaposition of emotions wrapped around an inner strength most artists take decades to perfect. Soccer Mommy’s music fits perfectly into a universe filled with creative, brilliant peers - one where her star shines brighter than most.

We caught up with Sophie to find out more, from dodgy relationships to finding your own identity.

Hey Sophie, how’s it going? What’s life like for you at the moment?
Life's been going great. I get to spend a lot of time touring and playing shows, which is pretty much all I have ever wanted to do. I’m getting to travel and see lots of new places that I’ve always wanted to go to.
How did you find recording your debut album, were there any unexpected challenges?
It was challenging to get everything done on time. I had so much touring scheduled so we had to squeeze the album sessions in to fit my schedule and the producer’s schedule. Everything else about the process was really fun and exciting though.
Did you enjoy your time in the studio?
Yeah, I had a great time. It was a great group of people - me, Gabe Wax and Julian Powell - and we got to try out a bunch of cool ideas on these songs. It was a great experience.

"pull" text="It's been so fun getting to play live a lot.

What was your mindset like going into it?
I just wanted to make something cohesive and representative of myself. It felt like it was my chance to make a great album and show everyone who I am and what Soccer Mommy is.
Is your music influenced by what’s on the news and the like? Do you keep up with that stuff?
I don't think it really influences my music. My music is just an expression of the parts in my life where I have trouble saying how I feel (relationships, insecurities). I usually express how I feel when it comes to politics and social issues in conversation.
Are any of the album’s songs particular favourites?
I think 'Scorpio Rising' is my favourite. It's definitely the most intimate for me, and I'm proud of how it turned out.
What’s been the highlight of your time as a musician so far?
It's been so fun getting to play live a lot. I think playing my songs live is cathartic for me, even if I struggle with over-analysing my performance. It helps me get all the feelings out of my system.
Do you have lots of plans for 2018?
Yes! I'm going to be playing lots more shows across Europe and in North America… and I’m releasing my debut album, ‘Clean’!

Soccer Mommy’s debut album ‘Clean’ is out 2nd March. Taken from the March issue of Dork - order your copy below.

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