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December 2019 / January 2020

So You Wanna Be A Pop Star, Jonny Quinn from SPINN?

Putting wannabe pop stars through their paces.
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Published: 4:18 pm, August 29, 2018
So You Wanna Be A Pop Star, Jonny Quinn from SPINN?

Being a pop star is a serious job. You can’t just walk through the door and get started. You need to have a proper interview first. This month’s applicant is Jonny Quinn from SPINN. The board will see you now.

What can you tell us about yourself?
I'm 19 Years old, come from Liverpool, and I sing in a super trendy up-coming indie-pop band called SPINN. I'm currently sat listening to some soul music in my flat pondering what to have for breakfast. Probably tea and toast.

Why do you want to be a pop star?
I used to want to be in a band when I was a kid, but didn't really have the confidence to do anything about it until I was 15 when I joined my first band. It'd be cool to be recognised for all the work we do with the band. I love it like, but it's bloody hard work sometimes.

How would your bandmates describe you?
Lovely, poetic, kind, beautiful, amazing. Nah I'm kidding, they'd probably describe me as dozy, goofy and horribly unorganised. I'm gonna throw 'very talkative' in there for good measure.

What are your best and worst qualities?
My best qualities are probably (this is according to my girlfriend):
- Easy to talk to
- Caring/thoughtful
- Knowledgeable

My worst qualities (still according to my girlfriend)
- Self-absorbed (at times)
- Lazy
- Apparently I snore, too

What is your biggest failure?
A Level ICT (sorry to Mr Ho and Mr Lacey, I tried).

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
The band is the only thing I've ever done with my life, so it'd have to be that. I got an A in English Lit GCSE but that hardly compares to 2,000,000 listens on a song you wrote in your bedroom, does it now?

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I'm quite ambitious; I want to get involved in all sorts of creative stuff. I want to be involved in art, maybe write a book or two in my time. I'll still be slogging away in SPINN although maybe we'll have some money by then. I'd like to get into music production as well; I'm doing it in university at the minute, but I'm still a bit clueless. Hopefully, I'll gather that knowledge over time. I also want to tour the world and see the sights, you know?

What is your salary expectation?
Enough to buy a big terraced house somewhere and live there with some sort of family unit. A dog would suffice. Also, enough to buy loads of books and records, and houseplants, plant food for the houseplants and if possible, enough so that I can eat at some posh restaurants from time to time.

Taken from the September issue of Dork. SPINN's single 'Shallow' is out now.

September 2018
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