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September 2018

Sea Girls: "It was such a special night, we were buzzing"

Their Dork Live! tour was something else.
Published: 2:55 pm, March 27, 2018
Sea Girls: "It was such a special night, we were buzzing"
After the barn-storming London date on their recent Dork Live! tour (read all about that here), we caught up with lead singer Henry Camamile to get his thoughts on arguably the biggest night Sea Girls have had so far.

Well, that was a cracking one last night, how was that for you?
Absolutely amazing, best gig I've ever done. Safely the best gig we've ever done. There was something very special about it. The energy of the crowd massively hit me, which is something I've never experienced before. Everything came together for it.

How did it feel playing a sold-out venue? Does that add a bit more pressure or make you treat the show differently?
It added to the pre-show excitement, and you could feel the tension in the room. You know it's popular, so people have an expectation of us. But I wouldn't say it gives me a different approach to the show. I care if only one person really wants to watch us, so we always play all our songs to the full because that's what any show is about. But playing this show felt better than I could have imagined. I clapped for the crowd at the end because they had been so with us all the way.

How did the show compare with others you’ve done in the past, does it feel like things are getting bigger?
It's been my favourite for sure, so much recognition for the songs with everyone singing with me all the way through. I won't forget this one. It feels like the shows are growing for sure and we have been really lucky that more and more people want to come and see us.

What’s it been like gearing up for this tour - playing your biggest shows to date and getting new music out there for people to get into?
It has been very exciting getting ready for the tour and rehearsing. It’s great we are finally doing it. I don't want the dates to end. Getting so much music out already has lifted the shows because people are starting to know the songs now.

How did you celebrate after the show last night? Get a few beers in?
Yeah, I got pretty sauced, we couldn’t just go home. It was such a special night, and we were buzzing after the gig. I think I was the first one to bed though.

Is tour life treating you well?
Tour life is great. Lots of fun, lots of music, lots of new fans. Bristol was very rowdy, and it has been striking getting so much love in our first headline show out of London, selling out that night too. I can't wait for the next shows in Manchester, Leeds and Glasgow now. The food had been a mix on tour. I've had a great Chicken Tikka Masala, but had some uninspiring sausage and mash the night before...

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