Pumarosa: “We’re halfway between polishing and buffing”

Buffing up for 2017, Pumarosa are ready to go big.

In Dork’s December/January issue (feat. The 1975, out now), we tackled a bunch of our favourite new bands – the ones whose gigs buzz with excitement, who inspire more devotion in their fans than Emmerdale does from our grans, and who will undoubtedly make 2017 special.

Hey Nick, how have you found 2016 so far? What was the most exciting thing that happened for Pumarosa?
2016 has been very busy, good, mostly OK with patches of sadness. Playing Village Underground and the ICA was exciting.

What do you think has been the biggest music-related news story of 2016?
This still has to be Bowie’s death back in January because he was monumental.

What song would you crown banger of the year?
‘Space Carnival’ by The Comet is Coming because of its sax and cosmic intent.

What’s top of your to do list for 2017? Do you have a lot in the works?
Release the album and start work on the next one! We want to play music in South America.

How far along is your debut album?
I’d say we’re about halfway in the transition between polishing and buffing.

You’ve said previously you’ll be playing a lot of festivals next summer – are there any you’re especially keen to attend?
Glastonbury is a big one for us. I’ve heard good things about Super Normal too. Fusion in Germany. Transylvania Calling in Romania.

Do you have any resolutions for 2017?

Who do you think will be the biggest new band of 2017?
There are a few contenders and a lot of bands really going for this. We are not exercising and all trying to eat as much as physically possible, but really it’s just a question of metabolism.