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November 2018
City Guides

Public Access TV’s guide to New York

Public Access TV take Dork’s City Guides a little further from home, with John Eatherly and Max Peebles giving the lowdown on New York’s best haunts.
Published: 6:06 pm, November 29, 2016
Public Access TV’s guide to New York
“Max [Peebles, bass] and I moved to NYC from Nashville in 2008,” explains Public Access TV frontman John Eatherly. “We took an overnight Chinatown bus for $40. We were excited and nervous, both of us had always dreamed of living in New York City and we finally were doing it (we both were 18). We stayed in a rundown apartment where we sleep on bunk beds in the hallway. The truth is tho we were having so much fun it didn't matter that we were living in squalor. Eventually, we both moved into Manhattan with the rest of the band at our old HQ on St. Marks place. That's where we started the band and the rest went from there…”

Max's favourite NYC spots.

Favourite Cheap Food
Currently, my favourite place for cheap eats in NY would have to be the taco truck on 2nd Street and Avenue A. I'm still not sure how they cook their rice but in my opinion its the best in the city.

Favourite Bar
Union Pool in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Home of the best people to ever pop open a can of Guinness, and its home of one of the best venues in New York. Now... outside of New York... Bronx Bar in Detroit is the best. Two words: Fried Bologna.

Favourite Thrift Store
The Thing in Greenpoint, BK. Just a great store full of crap.

Favourite Venue
New York venues are okay. The 9:30 club in D.C. is my favourite because the staff know how to take care of bands the right way i.e, load your gear in FOR YOU, feed you, and give you two cases of beer no questions asked.
The Bowery Ballroom though always feels pretty amazing to play. It's such a great warm looking venue.

Favourite Record Store
Academy Records and all their New York locations are probably the best. If you're looking for 45's however, make your way over to Pittsburgh and prepare to spend the next 4-24 hours sorting through boxes and boxes of 45's at Jerry's.

Favourite Museum
The Natural History Museum never gets old. Crazy creatures.

Favourite Street
Shakin' Street... where all the kids meet.

Favourite Cafe
"Coffee may be for closers, but beer is for lovers."

Taken from the November issue of Dork, out now - order your copy here.

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