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April 2020

Poliça's 'stuff we like at the mo' playlist

Poliça celebrate their new album with this here playlist of bangers.
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Published: 12:03 pm, January 24, 2020
Poliça's 'stuff we like at the mo' playlist

Poliça have just dropped their brand new album, 'When We Stay Alive'. Inspired by a mishap vocalist Channy Leaneagh experienced while clearing ice off her roof in 2018 (yes, she fell off), it's an emotive record that celebrates redemption and survival. 

To mark the release, bassist Chris Bierden has put together this here playlist featuring top-notch tunes - from the likes of Fever Ray, Sampa the Great, and Tierra Whack - full of new recommendations, and old favourites. Have a listen below.

Elyse Weinberg - Houses

I love her voice, and this song is just perfect. Fun fact: Neil Young played the lead guitar solos.

Lucinda Williams - Fruits of My Labor

Recently fell in love with this track and now I can’t imagine how I was living without it.

Fever Ray - Mama’s Hand

We love Fever Ray!

StoLyette - Safe Havens

They have a new record dropping January 2020, and I am just tickled to hear more of their gorgeously dark bass grooved creations.

Dizzy Fae - Altar

Drive at night to this song, and wherever you are going, it feels very right.

Sampa the Great - OMG

This infectious track kept popping up on our local college radio station, Radio K, and it’s impossible for me to sit still when it’s on.

U.S. Girls - Overtime

I’m always excited to hear new U.S. Girls coming down the pipeline. I remember when she was performing in a punk house basement crouched on the floor with drum loops singing through a tape echo. Every new iteration feels like a perfect continuum.

LaVern Baker - Jim Dandy

Time completely stopped when I first heard this recently.

Lady Midnight - Ode to a Burning Building

Another gift of the Twin Cities music scene, this song melts me, a collaboration with local producer and keyboard wizard MMYYKK.

Aldous Harding - The Barrel

Finally saw her recently when she rolled back through town at The Turf Club in St. Paul... peculiar, wonderful, elegant and surreal.

Tierra Whack - Hungry Hippo

Is Whack World modern art? A meditation on brevity? A tasty sampler? I don’t care; it’s just too damn good.

Poliça's album 'When We Stay Alive' is out now.

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