Mallory Knox’s Best of 2016 playlist

“Hopefully you discover some new bangers.”

Mallory Knox have spent much of 2016 twiddling their thumbs.

No, they haven’t really – but in-between busy sessions for their new album ‘Wired’ (due 10th March, write it in your diary), they’ve somehow found time to appreciate all the great music that’s dropped over the course of the last twelve months – and they’ve popped together the below playlist, which should keep you busy until New Year.

“Here’s our playlist of the best music 2016 had to offer,” they explain. “We’ve been loving bands like Catfish and Biffy Clyro with both of them releasing great albums, as well as new bands breaking through like Moose Blood and Walking On Cars. Hopefully you discover some new bangers, get it in your ears and enjoy.”

Watch Mallory Knox’s video for ‘Lucky Me’ below.