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October 2020

Pizzagirl: "I've got the seven-year itch one month in!"

Catch Pizzagirl at online festival Homeschool this May Bank Holiday weekend.
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Published: 10:39 am, May 06, 2020
Pizzagirl: "I've got the seven-year itch one month in!"

Our pal Pizzagirl is making the most of self-isolation by penning new tunes, and attempting to pick up lockdown hobby de jour, baking. He's already dropped a song in fact, a humourous look at romance during this time, 'Quarantine Valentine'. It's not all about being productive, he says - though obvs we have already nagged him into taking part in this weekend's Homeschool. Soz, Pizzagirl!

Hi Pizzagirl, how's it going? Are you good?

Hey guys! Yeah holding up good, safe and clean direct from da bedroom! Hope you guys are keeping good!

What are you up to during this lockdown business then, do you have lots to be getting on with?

I've noticed a lot of things online almost demanding people to be creative and productive during the lockdown, which I don't necessarily agree with! I've been trying to balance still doing things creative while also just trying to keep a healthy mind and get something new in my day which is hard lol! Eating a lot of bad food, trying to get into coffee and baking, which is :/.

Have you learnt any new skills during the lockdown period?

I've become a lil bit of a gamer in the last month thanks to having little to do! I've become actually really good at being bad at Call of Duty. I've been screaming at my telly non-stop lately. No change there then!

Do you have any podcast or book recommendations to help fill the time? What entertainment are you into?

I'm not a super big reader besides clickbait blog posts I find on Facebook when I'm bored, but I listen to the H3 podcast quite a lot, I find it quite relaxing just hearing people talk about nothing so it's passed a tiny chunk of time I'd like to think.

What's your preferred way of socialising at the mo, are you the sort to do pub quizzes on Zoom?

Skype has been the best, I think, or maybe FaceTime! I've tried Zoom, and the chaos of the information overload was stressing me out, it reminded me of that scene in Back to the Future 2 where the TVs in 2015 were like eight different screens playing things at the same time!

Are there any tips or tricks you've picked up to make self-isolating a bit more bearable?
I think the ultimate life hack of trying to wake up early has helped slightly! I think trying to soak up as much of the day as possible before I get lazy and just retreat back to bed is helping me have some routine lol. Also, 8 Ball Pool.

When do you think we'll hear some new music, then?

Working on some very ugly and sloppy electronic pop songs funnily enough, so I can promise you via online that you will hear some more from this guy!

Do you think the pandemic will impact what you want to write about for the foreseeable?

No. Moving swiftly on from this would be all I want to do, lol! I made a bit of joke song spawned from a live stream about having a 'Quarantine Valentine' when the lockdown was cosy and romantic, but now I've got the seven-year itch one month in!

Are there any musicians or albums that you gravitate to during tough times?

I've been listening to a lot of Jonathan Richman during this last few weeks, I think the sentimentality and romance in his songs is keeping me mildly full emotionally, and it calms me down.

Tell us some good news?

I bought some crocs!

Pizzagirl are taking part in new online festival Homeschool, which runs from 8th-10th May - visit for details.

Pizzagirl: "I've got the seven-year itch one month in!"

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