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November 2018

Palace’s 'Songs That Inspire Us’ playlist

Get to know Palace a bit better ahead of their Dork show.
Published: 9:31 am, April 26, 2017
Palace’s 'Songs That Inspire Us’ playlist
Dork’s hijacking one of the shows on Palace’s current tour, sticking our badge on their night at Reading’s South Street Arts Center on Wednesday 26th April. To celebrate, they’ve put together a playlist of tracks that inspire them.

Fleet Foxes - Mykonos
Fleet Foxes are a huge inspiration for us. Their harmonies and melody in this are just sublime. This track has a pretty magical quality about it like a lot of their tunes. You can't help be carried away to a dreamy place by this band.

Massive Attack - Safe From Harm
This tune reminds us of being 16 and carefree, and getting super duper high with friends. It has real swagger and attitude, something we try and implement into our tunes when we can.

Lou Reed - Satellite Of Love
One of the greats. The melodies are killer on this and it transports you direct straight to the 70s. Lou Reed is the master, a true inspiration.

Devendra Banhart - Korean Dogwood
We're all obsessed with Devendra. His quivering vibrato style voice and style have incredible vulnerability like no other. This song is a beauty and has some subtle slide guitar in it - something that Rupert does a lot in his playing. He gives Palace the blues tinge. We could listen to DB all day long. There's positivity in his sound.

Kings Of Leon - King Of The Rodeo
What a song. It hasn't aged one bit, still as contemporary and good as ever. Definitely their best tune. A lesson in how to write an incredible song at under 3 minutes. This song has an amazing nostalgic feel, it's kind of sad but optimistic at the same time.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Little Shadow
This song reminds us of heading home after a big night and the suns coming up and you're in that reflective kinda mood. It has a haunting quality to it and beautiful chord changes. 

Angel Olsen - Heart Shaped Face
This was without doubt the song of 2017. Angel Olsen is a genius. Lyrically she's leagues above others and her voice is spectacular, it ebbs and flows and does incredible things. This song is just perfection.

Bob Dylan - One Too Many Mornings
Quite simply just a beautiful, beautiful song. It's incredibly romantic and brings a tear to the eye. Bob at his finest.

Flyte - Closer Together
These guys are good friends of our ours and we had them play our monthly night at The George Tavern called Palace Presents. This song is an incredible vintage pop song, and the end is amazing and so epic.

Eminem - Infinite
This is the first thing Eminem ever released and it's the coolest thing he ever did before he went mainstream. Lyrically it's insane and his wordplay is a joke. One of the best hip hop tracks ever. 

Flyte's 'Closer Together' doesn't look to be on Spotify, but you can hear that here.

Palace play South Street Arts Center in Reading tonight (26th April).

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