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November 2019

Oh Wonder's Reading & Leeds 2017 Mixtape

Oh Wonder's Anthony curates his perfect 'in the car on the way to Reading & Leeds' playlist.
Published: 8:30 am, August 25, 2017
Oh Wonder's Reading & Leeds 2017 Mixtape
Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
We’ve had the pleasure of playing with Two Door Cinema Club at US festivals over the past couple of years, and their live show really blows us away. They are the perfect example of a band who has always made fresh music, and never dropped their game.

Mura Masa and A$ap Rocky - Love$ick
I can imagine we’ll be heading to the Radio 1 tent to listen to this on the Sunday, and letting our hips do the talking. It’s a massive tune.

Everything Everything - Spring / Summer / Winter / Dread
We remember when this song came out; the feeling that it leaves you with lasts forever. The chorus quite literally screams summer. We went to see them at Heaven in London a couple of weeks back, and this song sounded ginormous.

Glass Animals - Season 2 Episode 3
This is one of our favourite records to jump around to. We have played with Glass Animals so many times at US festivals, including Coachella, however, we always manage to miss their set, so we’ll make sure we are front row at Reading & Leeds.

Flume - Never Be Like You (feat. Kai)
We’ll most likely be pulling up in the bus, with the windows wide, blaring this festival tune. Flume’s live show is impossible not to go crazy to.

Jimmy Eat World - Sweetness
For years, I used to make my yearly pilgrimage to Reading, and I remember in my teens catching Jimmy Eat World’s show when they were touring the Bleed American album. They definitely inspired me to stay in bands and write music.

Loyle Carner - Ain’t Nothing Changed
We’re really excited to hear some of Loyle Carner’s debut album live. We’ve been listening to it a lot while we’ve been on the road, and it really helps us feel like we’re back in the UK.

Eminem - Lose Yourself
Josephine was crazy about Eminem when she was a kid. She wrote out the lyrics to every song over and over so that by the time she was 13, she could rap most of his songs word for word. I’m yet to see this party trick in action, but I feel like Reading & Leeds might be the big moment.

Taken from the August/September Dork Festival Guide – order your copy below. Reading & Leeds takes place from 25th-27th August.

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